May 2008

The latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aids, apparel & more

Golf Buddy

Golf Buddy’s new Tour version comes preloaded with nearly 15,000 courses, but this color-screen version can hold up to 20,000 (with its auto recognize feature). The Golf Buddy ($429) doesn’t require any annual fees, so all you pay for is the hardware itself.

Golf Logix

Golf Logix ($300) makes the task of getting proper yardage an easy one, thanks to a user- friendly interface, large screen and easy access to content. For a $29 annual fee, golfers can download as many courses as they wish and import up to 20 at a time on the device.

Sky Caddie SG5

The new SkyCaddie SG5 ($429) is a must for golfers who like large color displays and state-of-the-art electronics. Golfers can measure the full depth and shape of the green from anywhere, plus its color display is backlit, making the SG5 easily readable in any light.

Sonocaddie V300

The new color-screen Sonocaddie V300 ($399) features a “walking golfer” icon that roams the course, syncing up the golfer’s position as he or she moves. The Sonocaddie holds 20 courses in its memory and 15,000 courses are available on the company’s website.

Sure Shot GPS

In addition to the standard GPS features (distance measuring to specific points, course data storage), the SureShot GPS ($399) enables users to record shot statistics and even suggests which club to hit. The light, portable device can be clipped to your belt.

Building off the belief that golf swings start from the ground and work their way up, Ecco’s C-Force Hydromax ($220) was named for its carbon footplate that replaces the traditional shank piece, so golfers can get lower to the ground and generate more power, balance and support for today’s athletic swing. Comes in five color combinations.


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