May 2007

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HandDri Stay Dry With A Better Grip
We understand, sometimes golf can get a little nerve-racking, causing the palms and fingers to sweat. Or maybe you just play a lot in damp or hot weather. Either way, the HandDri ($12) serves as an instant moisture absorber in much the same way a bag of rosin works for a baseball pitcher. By either rubbing directly onto the hands or the grip, the HandDri’s effective anti-moisture compound is great at removing perspiration, rain and even stubborn sunblock that can ruin a grip’s tackiness. Each HandDri comes with a Velcro pouch for easy storage. For more information and where to buy, visit

Mizuno MP67 Slender Muscles
When it comes to forged irons, Mizuno is tough to beat. The new Grain Flow Forged MP-67 irons ($849) are beautifully crafted with a Slender Cut Muscle design that provides better players with the shotmaking control needed to attack tough pins. The MP-67s also include a design that places the CG in the same place with every iron, resulting in a consistent trajectory and distance. Other features include U-grooves, a rolled leading edge, a cambered midsole and a rolled trailing edge, all of which make the MP-67s more playable from tricky lies. By the way, these irons have a softer and more responsive feel than any iron we’ve hit from Mizuno. Nice! For more information, log on to


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