May 2007

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Odyssey Black Series Back In Black
Looks like Odyssey is stepping into the black with the company’s mega-premium line of milled carbon-steel putters. Featuring no face insert (a first for the company), but rather a mix-milled face pattern, the new Black Series ($285) comes equipped with a tungsten flange that lowers the putter’s CG by nearly 20 percent. Also, its hogged-out hosel reduces discretionary weight to better balance the putterhead. How does it feel? Unlike other Odyssey putters that have feel-based insert technology, the Black Series has no face insert and the putters yield a firmer, more responsive feel (by the way, that’s what the pros like). The Black Series is available in three models this spring. Oh, and don’t be surprised to see a handful of Tour professionals with a Black Series model in play. For more, visit

Champ Flipfix Tool Green Control
A leader in the alternative spike market (why we still call them alternative, we don’t know), Champ Spikes have become synonymous with aggressive traction. But what many don’t know is Champ also manufacturers a number of peripherals for the golf bag, including spike wrenches, brushes and rakes designed to quickly clean the bottom of your shoes. Featured here is a foldable and streamlined divot repair tool called the Flipfix, which features a cell phone-like closure and a sturdy, alloy frame for stubborn ball marks on the green. For a more complete look at all of Champ’s accessories, log on to

Truthfully Speaking Truthfully Speaking

Renowned for his expertise on teaching swing plane, Jim Hardy takes an in-depth look into the subject with clear and simple explanations in his three-disc The Plane Truth For Golfers ($99). Hosted by Peter Jacobsen, the instruction series examines the golf swing’s most misunderstood concept: the components of (and differences between) one-plane and two-plane swings. From start to finish, Hardy dissects both swings, all the while helping the viewer determine which swing is best for them. In addition to the three-disc set, The Plane Truth comes with a fourth disc on tips and drills for both swing types. Visit

Sand Savior Sand Savior
If the new 588RS ($99) wedge from Cleveland Golf doesn’t help golfers get out of the sand, nothing will. Built with 60 degrees of loft and a large “Recovery Sole,” the 588RS retains the classic profile of the 588 wedge, albeit with a lot of help underneath.

Speaking of which, upon impact with the sand, the wide sole resists excessive digging to help lift the ball out of the sand with minimal interference. Also, the wide cavity makes this wedge exceptionally forgiving. Effective on soft course conditions, the 588RS is a cinch to use, easy to get used to and very nice to look at. For more information, visit


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