May 2007

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New for 2007, TaylorMade is proud to announce the return of the Burner Series, replete with a handful of new options for the player seeking to maximize distance. Among the stable of new Burner stuff is a driver, fairway wood and hybrid, as well as a few options in TaylorMade’s popular Tour Preferred (TP) line that also carry the Burner trademark. In this issue, we’ve chosen to spotlight the Burner Fairway wood.

For starters, the most noticeable feature of the Burner Fairway ($199) is the unique decal that covers the crown to serve as both an alignment aid and as a protector, especially when facing thick rough or dry, rugged course conditions. Built with an enlarged sole region, a low face profile and crown that slopes almost completely back toward the sole, the all-steel construction of the Burner Fairway also comes with a permanent weight fixture positioned low and deep in the sole to help not only lower the clubhead’s CG, but also bolster the MOI to a level that TaylorMade claims to be the highest of any fairway wood the company has ever made.

Available in a variety of lofts, the Burner Fairway comes standard with TaylorMade’s Burner RE*AX Superfast graphite shaft. For more information on the full Burner Series, log on to

When hybrids first captured the public’s attention, they were thought of as a solution to help amateurs get hard-to-hit clubs airborne. Hey, can’t get that 3-iron to go straight? Try one of these hybrid clubs! Can’t get that 3-wood off the ground? Try a hybrid!

Well, despite the combined performance of woods and irons in hybrids, today’s new iterations prove that hybrids have their own set of characteristics. No longer are they geared for Average Joes who want a high launch and high spin rate, instead there’s an assortment geared for better players who want to shape their shots.

Check out some of the new and recent hybrid offerings here to find one that’s built specifically for your game.


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