March-April 2009

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Now Playing: Cleveland Niblick
Who said you can’t have it all? The new Niblick ($110) from Cleveland Golf combines the playability of a wedge, putter, iron and hybrid—all in one. Dubbed “the original short-iron hybrid,” the Niblick is a useful tool for executing tough shots from around the green, including the rough, hardpan or sand. We tried it, and although it took some getting used to at first, we loved the versatility, particularly in greenside situations. You can’t hit a high lob, but bump-and-runs just got a whole lot easier. A great choice for players who struggle with shots that require unusual distances or for those who play on courses that offer a variety of lies and turf conditions. Visit

Find Your Path
Using a series of magnetic pins, a mirror and alignment aids, the Path Finder ($99) is a customizable, intuitive tool that helps you practice your putting. Golfers can adjust the pins to accommodate virtually any type of stroke, and the mirror helps you ensure that the head is directly above the ball at impact. The Path Finder can be used both indoors and outdoors. A DVD, training booklet and practice cup are also included. Visit


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