March 2011

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The durable and luxurious Premier ($279) cart bag from Burton is crafted from premium ballistic nylon and genuine leather, and features a six-way fully padded velour top with full-length dividers, eight functional pockets, including a luxury valuables pocket and an oversized ball pocket for ample storage space. Offered in Dark Brown/Olive, Dark Brown/Dark Khaki, Black/Charcoal and Black/Black.

It’s been a long and winding road for Sonartec clubs in the U.S. Now known as Royal Collection USA, the company will release fairway woods, hybrids and irons back to the North American market in the first quarter of 2011. We were big fans of Sonartec, so this is exciting news. Consider that the company is one of the most popular in Japan and has never paid any pros to play its clubs. Designed for better players, the new clubs promise to generate low spin and are built for optimal control.

The solid-looking and premium Shuttle i4000x ($229) from Maruman comes in six models with lofts that range from 15° to 30°. The maraging 200 clubface helps to create a solid club that absorbs impact shock. Although not a household name yet in the U.S., the Japanese company has been slowly making headway, proving that you don’t need to be a “big boy” to turn heads.

At 22, Stephen Fangio lost his left leg in a motorcycle accident. A prosthetic was out of the question, because it was amputated at the hip. But he didn’t let it stop him. In 1997, he competed in numerous PGA Tour and Nationwide Tour qualifying tournaments. Now the 52-year-old instructor, motivational speaker and aspiring Champions Tour player, is passing along his knowledge in his golf-instruction video series titled It’s Just Golf with Stephen Fangio ($19.95). The first offering focuses on relaxation, foundation, grip and the proper mind-set to swing the club.

Smart Glove($34) by Sklz helps place the golf club in the proper position on the golfer’s lead arm and keeps that arm’s wrist firm so you don’t break down and “scoop” the ball. Plus you can remove its stability bar in the back and use it as a legal glove. We love good training aids, and this one addresses a couple major flaws that golfers suffer from. Try it if you have trouble with any of the above.

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Which Phrase Best Describes You?
I don’t hit the ball far enough. 15.6%
I slice it too often. 19.1%
I take too many strokes around the green. 15.6%
My head gets in the way. 4.5%
My contact isn’t very crisp. 12.7%
I wish I was more consistent. 32.5%

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