June 2013

20 Great items under $100

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You don't need to spend a lot of money on golf gear. True, premium equipment tends to be on the expensive side—because it's worth it. But there are still deals to be had on top-of-the-line equipment. Check out these 20 products, each priced under $100.

Bridgestone's new-for-2013 e6 ball ($27/ dozen) has a soft core that reduces sidespin and backspin to help your shots fly straighter. Its aerodynamic cover has large dimples that reduce air drag and boost lift so you get more carry distance. (bridgestonegolf.com)

Callaway's HEX Chrome+ ball ($36/dozen) sports a fast core for long tee-shot distance, dual mantles that collectively produce more ball speed and less spin, and a soft cover for short-shot control. It optimizes ball speed for any swing type. (callawaygolf.com)

The latest version of Nike Golf's soft-feeling 20XI X ball ($58/dozen) for 2013 features the company's proprietary RZN material in its core and mantle. That helps boost your distance. (nikegolf.com)

This year's Titleist 2013 Pro V1 ball ($62/dozen) features "ZG process" core technology that yields a relatively soft compression. The ball travels long and then lands with a shallower angle of descent for more roll. The new Urethane Elastomer cover boosts durability. (titleist.com)

A stay-over from last year, Wilson Staff's Duo ball ($20/dozen) flies long off the tee while providing softness around the green. It's a low-compression ball with a high C.O.R. (wilsonstaff.com)


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