June 2012

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Last fall, Cleveland Golf introduced their 588 Forged wedge line. Now, they've released a sweet-looking Black Pearl version ($140). Forged from 1025 carbon steel, the 588 Forged Black Pearl offers golfers an incredibly soft feel and reduces glare. Like the earlier release, the Black Pearl version features Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milled technology for maximum spin. Look for a Tour Concept Wedge steel shaft from True Temper that has a less active tip and, as a result, a more penetrating ballflight and increased spin. And boom goes the dynamite! clevelandgolf.com

Want to bust drives like Masters champ, Bubba Watson? Of course you do. Fortunately PING has made it a little easier for us mortals. Starting June 1, the company will sell 5,000 limited-edition, all-pink G20 ($430) drivers. What's best is that PING will donate 5% of its proceeds to its fundraising campaign, "Bubba Long in Pink. Driven by PING." Offered in lofts of 9.5°, 10.5° and 12° for righties and 10.5° for lefties like Bubba. ping.com

Miura's new SIT-460 driver is the company's biggest driver yet. Measuring 460cc but appearing smaller due to a tall clubface, the SIT-460 ($595) was designed by Katsuhiro Miura and is more forgiving and longer than any other Miura driver. Standing for "Strong & Ideal Trajectory," the SIT-460 boasts an all-titanium head and comes in 9° and 10.5° models in right-handed only. miuragolf.com

PING addresses belly-putter lengths with their new Nome 405 adjustable belly putter ($320). Measuring anywhere between 37.5 and 46.5 inches, the Nome is a custom-fitting marvel, built with adjustability and the perfect fit in mind. Available in three different shaft bends to match one's Straight, Slight Arc and Strong Arc stroke. The lower portion of the shaft is steel, and the upper portion beneath the grip is graphite. Comes with a standard Winn AVS 21-inch belly grip. U.S.G.A. approved. ping.com

The Swing Whistle ($20) helps your timing, tempo and speed, while curing casting and hitting fat shots. And it's simple to use. Simply attach it just above your club's hosel, swing and listen for when your club "whistles." If it makes a sound at impact, you're swinging right. Now that's a simple, auditory-feedback kind of training aid! swingwhistle.com

Can't seem to keep the club on plane? The SwingPerfect ($70) training aid will keep you on track. Simply attach the SwingPerfect to any one of your club's shafts and make a swing. If you're either inside the plane line or outside it, the device will vibrate. Simple as that. swingperfect.com

The inflatable SwingWing ($30) is a wind-resistance trainer that helps you develop a full body turn, proper tempo, lag and sequencing. And what's best, it's lightweight, convenient and easy to use. Once it's inflated, just slip the grip end of any club through the SwingWing and swing away. swingwinggolf.com

Can't seem to make solid contact? GOLFSTR ($25) can help. It's a training aid that fits over your leading arm and reminds you to keep it straight in the backswing. With no more "chicken wings," you'll hit consistent, straight shots. After practicing with GOLFSTR at the driving range or on the course, remember the feeling and hit flush shots. golfstr.com

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