June 2012

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Wheeling an unruly travel bag through airports can often lead to hand or wrist injury. Bag Boy addresses that problem with their new T-2000 Travel Cover ($190), which features a PivotGrip handle that rotates 360 degrees and reduces arm and wrist strain. Available in three colors and includes a one-year warranty. Great idea! bagboy.com

Two new rangefinders are available from Leupold. The GX®-3i ($500) and GX-4i ($625) both feature technology that ensures accuracy to within six inches of your target. They also both have Prism Lock technology so you can hone in on flagstick prisms. Another nifty option is Fog mode that enables both models to cut through mist and provide fast, accurate measurements. We love their numerous options. leupold.com

Like to identify your golf ball while showing your pride in the United States Marine Corps? Tin Cup Personal Imprinting has unveiled two new marking stencils with designs that represented this distinguished military branch. Both the Eagle, Globe and Anchor and the United States Marine Corps-USMC designs ($20) do just that. What's even cooler is that Tin Cup will donate $5 of every online sale to Birdies for the Brave. tin-cup.com

Champ's new MyHite Zarma FLYtee ($8/40- or 30-pack options) makes it easy for players to tee the ball at a consistent height. They also boast a six-prong head and shallow cup, which reduces friction and leads to longer drives. Five times more durable than a wooden tee, the MyHite features a bio-agent additive that enables microorganisms to metabolize the plastic into humus, an organic matter that benefits the environment. champspikes.com

Feeling responsible to make a tee that could give back and enhance the environment, Zero Friction developed their earth-friendly EnviroTee ($9/up to 90 tees depending on size). Made of 25% fertilizer plus a proprietary biodegradable composite results in a natural breakdown of the EnviroTee and enhancing and enriching the soil. We're all for making the game greener! zerofriction.com

From master craftsman Scotty Cameron come 12 new putter models. The Scotty Cameron Select line ($375) includes five modern blades, two mallets, three mid-lengths and two long options. All come in a black mist finish and are precision milled from soft, 303 stainless steel with the exception of the Big Sur models, which feature high-grade milled-aluminum heads. These are well-crafted flatsticks and sure to be a hit with Cameron devotees. scottycameron.com

The newest member of Pride Sports' Professional Tee System family is an enviro-friendly, plastic performance golf tee called PTS Evolution ($8). Engineered with special low-resistance tips that create less friction between the golf ball and tee, they come in two different lengths, 23⁄4 inches for clubs smaller than 360cc, and 31⁄4 inches for larger clubheads. pridegolftee.com

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