June 2008

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Now Playing: HiBORE Hybrid
With input from Tour professionals, Cleveland Golf’s new HiBORE XLS features a blunt-shaped toe for a more compact look at address. It also has some added offset that counteracts slices and enables the club to set up more like an iron. Other cool features include an updated crown section and two shaft options, both designed by Fujikura. Comes in five lofts: 16º, 19º, 22º, 25º, 28º. $149. golftipsmag.com/ezlinks

To A Tee
Since driver clubheads swelled to 460cc a few years ago, there’s been a greater need for longer tees. Now it’s not uncommon to see ones that are nearly twice the length they used to be (so you can take advantage of a driver’s spring-like effect and hit the ball high on the clubface). Longer tees aren’t the only advancement the industry has witnessed in the past few years. Durable, polycarbonate tees with bristles claim to reduce friction and sidespin, and produce longer, straighter drives. Another advancement making waves in the tee world is the introduction of “green” tees. These biodegradable offerings are environmentally friendly and a greenskeeper’s best friend. (No more damaged mower blades from running over wooden tees!) Like other areas of the game, there’s something for everyone, so don’t be afraid to try them out.


4 Yards More
Company research claims that balls hit off the 4 Yards More tee go 3.9 yards farther than shots hit from wooden tees. Made from a durable construction, it can survive up to 100 drives. Plus the 4 Yards More comes with a height gauge, so you know just how far to stick it in the ground. www.4yardsmore.com

Certain Tee
Designed with three “stops,” the Certain Tee ensures that golfers tee their ball up the same height every time. It’s made from an impact-resistant polymer that’s “friendly to your clubs and the groundskeeper’s equipment.” Available in four colors—blue, red, white and yellow. www.certaintee.net

Zero Friction
Zero Friction tees were built to reduce “the contact area between the golf ball and the tee, providing maximum distance and accuracy.” (Note the three-pronged top.) They’re also biodegradable and come in six colors and three different sizes (from 1¾ to 3¼ inches). www.zerofrictiontees.com

Pride Sports
Pride’s Professional Tee System (PTS) features a color-coded system of four tee heights, from irons to 460cc clubheads. Also available (not shown) is Pride’s new environmentally friendly two-piece tee, the Insignia. www.pridegolftee.com

Claiming that wooden tees increase resistance and create sidespin, the Brush-T is designed with bristles that allow the clubhead to easily make contact with the ball and gain distance and accuracy in the process. Comes in four different sizes. www.brushtees.com


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