June 2007

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Tri Bag Tri Bag
From the “Wouldn’t it be cool ifÂ…” department comes the Tri-Bag—a lightweight hybrid carry/pullcart bag. A retractable switchblade handgrip rotates left and right for easy maneuverability, while its detachable “Slickwheel System” comes off in literally a snap. Dirty wheels? No problem. The Tri-Bag comes with a nylon drawstring bag for storage. Comes with insulated snack pouch, eight-way club divider and dual harness. $209. www.tri-bag.com

Fujikura Rombax Fujikura Rombax
Fujikura’s legendary Speeder model is well known among Tour players and accomplished amateur players alike as one of the best driver shafts ever made. These accolades are largely due to Fuji’s innovative Triax material, which effectively minimizes deformation during the swing, leading to increased energy transfer, longer distance and greater feel. The newest model from Fujikura is the Rombax, which takes Triax one step further by adding an extra weave to the equation, making the shaft even more resistant to ovaling than the Speeder. The new X Series Rombax is particularly well suited for today’s monstrous, oversized drivers.  www.fujikuragolf.com  


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