June 2007

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Tad MooreTad Moore Hickory Classics
If you’re hankering for a simpler era of golf club construction, you don’t have to dig around grandpa’s closet or surf eBay anymore. Club designer and longtime hickory-shaft devotee Tad Moore has brought his passion for old-school design to the masses. His Tad Moore Hickory Classics hopes to revive the long-dormant hickory-shaft industry. The Mashie Niblick (shown) is part of his Tom Morris line of clubs, so named for the famous Scottish player and architect. $150. www.tommorrisclubs.com

Winn Grips New Winn Grips
There’s a new Winn grip that’s right for every golfer, including PGA Tour pros and amateurs alike. The Xi7 (Extreme Integration) provides a firm, cord-like feel, the DSi (Durasoft Integration) gives a softer feel and all-weather performance, the G8 Rave has a unique marble design and firm yet comfortable feel, and the ultrasoft Midsize Pistol Putter is nice and tacky due to Winn’s unique Excel material. For more information, visit www.winngrips.com. Oops! In the 2007 Golf Equipment Buyer’s Guide, the Midsize Pistol Putter was incorrectly listed as the G8 Rave.

Adams Training PutterAdams DIXX Training Putter
With the DIXX, you have an instructor with you wherever you go. The training putter features a tiny computer terminal attached to the putterhead and offers instant feedback, including information related to swing path, impact position, tempo, face angle and a swing’s “speed balance.” The only downside may be its hefty price tag, but for those who can’t get to a hi-tech putting studio, it’s definitely the next best thing. $1,000. www.dixxgolf.com

Hippo Hex2HiPPo Hex2
And you thought the only radical new driver shapes were square, triangular and inverted crowns! HiPPO recently introduced a new hexagonal shape to the cornucopia of new drivers designed to increase the club’s MOI. The hexagonal shape enables optimal weight distribution to the side and rear of the clubface, thus allowing a great transfer of energy through the ball. The Hex2 features carbon on two sides of a titanium crown and sole, and is designed to reduce drag and generate more clubhead speed at impact. Affordably priced, too! $199. www.hippo-golf.com




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