June 2007

The latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aids, apparel & more

See SwingSee Swing 
What It Is: A mobile “recording unit” that captures and analyzes golf swings.

What It Does: Measures golf swings from three angles (top, front and behind).

How To Use It: See Swing is big (350 square feet with its SafeNet Netting system) and is mostly found at special events.

K Vest K Vest
What It Is: A lightweight shoulder harness and hip belt.

What It Does: Measures hip, shoulder and arm movements, creating a 3-D representation on a monitor.

How To Use It: Auditory feedback tells the user when he’s in the right position.

P3 Pro SwingP3 Pro Swing
What It Is: A personal swing analyzer, instructional aid and simulator.

What It Does: Measures club speed, tempo, swing plane, ballflight and clubface position at impact.

How To Use It: Swing over the sensing platform; data is shown on the monitor.


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