July-August 2009

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Looking for a stable, smooth golf shaft, but don’t want to spend a lot of money? You’ll find it in Mitsubishi Rayon’s new JAVLNFX V-Series ($150), which incorporates a proprietary carbon fiber called MR60H throughout the shaft. The V-Series offers a slightly lower kick point than the original M-Series, but a comparable torque value. Comes in five different flex/weight options, all with a mid to high kick point. Great for golfers of all skill levels.

CORRECTION: In our May issue, we listed the price of Mitsubishi’s Fubuki Tour shaft as $129. Correct price is $299. We apologize for the error.

If you want to make a modern golf swing, then you have to be flexible. The ProFlex Stretching Machine ($499) helps you do that. It measures both upper- and lower-body progress, ensures proper spine angle and provides an assisted stretch so you can relax while using it. Used by numerous Tour pros, it increases flexibility, helps prevent injury, improves relaxation, reduces stress and improves circulation. It requires just six bolts for assembly and comes with a six-month warranty. Weighs 80 pounds.

Designed for ultimate forgiveness, the hybrid Black Magic Wedge ($99) comes in four different models (PW, GW, SW and LW). Each comes with a free headcover and a short-game tip booklet. Custom orders available over the phone at no additional charge. Call (877) 799-6099 for more information.

Named “Best New Product” at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show, the Frogger Golf Towel ($25) is twice the surface area as a standard towel and stays both wet and dry whether it’s rainy or sunny. Available in three colors.

From the folks who brought you the Zero Friction golf tee, comes the ZF Distance golf ball. This affordable ($20/dozen) Surlyn-covered, two-piece offering features a shallow, 312-dimple pattern that helps it bore through the air for more distance. Plus, it’s 100% renewable, with an 80 compression rating. Comes with three Zero Friction tees of varying length.


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