July-August 2009

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Cleveland’s upgraded Club Count Technology Cart Bag ($279) features a small key-chain remote that activates or shuts off the alarm. Alarm, you say? The Club Count recognizes when you have the correct number of clubs in it. A club left behind triggers a subtle alarm, so you won’t lose it.

Mizuno AeroLite

The redesigned Mizuno AeroLite ($129) is a durable, lightweight stand bag that features the company’s patented Kabuki Top Cuff to help minimize“ clatter damage” to clubheads. Weighs four pounds and comes in four colors.

Even though it’s considerably smaller than your average stand bag, PING’s Moon-Lite II ($59) holds a full set of clubs and is easy to lift off the ground, thanks to a nifty standing strap. Another benefit is a hinged internal stay that allows the bag to fold in half for easy storage. Weighs two pounds.


Equipped with the Gyroscopic navigation system, Bag Boy’s new, highly intuitive Navigator 2 ($1,995) is six inches shorter in length than the original Navigator and takes up 20% less space when folded.

Sun Mountain’s latest travel bag comes in three styles (ClubGlider Pro, shown, $349) and is big enough to accommodate one staff bag or two carry bags. Each ClubGlider features extendable legs and wheels that prop up the bag and eliminate repeated bending and lifting.

Rocket Tour Headcovers ($29) have made a real splash on the PGA Tour the last few years, including a guest appearance in this year’s Masters playoff. Each headcover comes with extra Velcro® numbers so you can switch them out on different clubs.


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