July-August 2009

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Four New Adjustable Drivers

Nike’s Dymo STR8-FIT ($399) gives you eight different ballflight options (three open positions that minimize hooks, two neutral positions that optimize launch angle and three closed positions that minimize slices). It features a 460cc head and a UST Proforce AXIV Core shaft (in five flexes), and comes in either a square or round clubhead shape.

Cobra’s new L5V ($399) features a composite body, titanium clubface and adjustable-hosel sleeve. Unlike the other adjustable-hosel offerings, its hosel only allows you to change its setting between a neutral and draw bias. It’s available in M (76-97 mph swing speed), F (87-108 mph) and X (104+ mph) models, each of which features a swing-weight screw geared for a specific skill set, and comes with a Mitsubishi Diamana Red shaft.

Incorporating the same Flight Control Technology found on the popular R9, TaylorMade introduces the R9 460 ($299). Featuring a 460cc clubhead (the original R9’s clubhead ranges from 418cc to 422cc), you still can change the loft, and face and lie angles, but there’s no moveable-weight technology. It features Inverted Cone Technology to promote maximum forgiveness on off-center hits and a deep CG for a higher launch.

With 26 different loft, lie-angle and face-angle settings, Nickent’s new 4DX Evolver ($279-$299) features “CYG Technology” (Change Your Game) and claims the spot as golf’s most adjustable driver. The new, lightweight hosel allows players to change the club’s face angle up to three degrees in all directions. That means you not only can change your ballflight from slice to hook (and everything in between), but you also can alter the trajectory of your shots (like on windy days when you can decrease its loft to hit lower shots).

Cobra l5v

Taylormade r9 460

Nickent 4dx Evolver

The customization capabilities of all four drivers represent a new era for self-clubfitting that has made on-the-fly adjustments easier than we ever thought possible.


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