July 2013

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We live—and play golf—in a high-tech world. On the course, technology has come a long way. It's in the form of GPS devices to gauge yardages, portable swing analyzers to assess areas of improvement and through the manipulation of driver viscera to make your tee shots 20 yards longer. How you benefit from it all depends on your game.

SeeMore's zSeries Tour Limited mallet ($395) is milled from 303 stainless steel, with a face pattern that enhances both feel and roll. Interchangeable heel and toe sole weights are made of milled aluminum and stainless steel. Seemore.com

Variable-depth grooves milled into the face of PING's Nome TR mallet ($340/adjustable length, $305/fixed length) lend distance control. The aluminum putter weighs 350 grams, has a sultry, non-glare matte-black body and a striking white alignment bar. Ping.com

Callaway Golf's X Hot 3Deep fairway wood ($229) is essentially a deep-faced 3-wood with a low CG. Its Forged Face Cup is structured to boost ball speed across the face for longer drives. It's offered in lofts of 13 and 14.5 degrees. Callawaygolf.com

Fujikura's high-tech FUEL shaft continues to ride a wave of popularity thanks to its ability to deliver long and controlled tee shots. Check out the new red, white and blue, limited edition (very limited!) to commemorate this year's U.S. Open. Learn how you can get one at Fujikuragolf.com.

TaylorMade's Spider Blade ($200) is a heel-toe-weighted blade that enhances stability and forgiveness with a very high MOI. Its heavy grip counterbalances the putter to ease keeping the head on path during your stroke. Taylormadegolf.com

's Daddy Long Legs mallet ($200) is stable at impact. It's made of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, titanium, tungsten, polycarbonate, Surlyn and TPU, and has a heavy 130-gram grip that counterbalances the clubhead for a stable and smooth stroke path. Taylormadegolf.com

SkyPro ($200) is a sub-one-ounce sensor that attaches to any clubshaft. It doesn't even have an on-off switch, but it relays your swingpath, clubhead speed, swing plane, face rotation, etc., instantly via Bluetooth to a free iPhone app that displays swing data and animation from any angle. Golfskypro.com


Noted short-game guru Stan Utley has taken his teaching online, via an member-based website called Stan University ($199/yr). There, you can watch custom videos and interact directly with Stan via chat and q&a sessions. We've tried it ourselves, and can't help but feel this type of web-based communication with instructors is an awesome feature, especially with highly sought-after instructors who charge a premium for in-person lessons. New features at Stan U are coming soon, and we're happy to wait. Stanutley.com

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