July 2008

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Speed Racer
When it comes to distance, speed is everything. At least that was the idea behind the new Tour Edge Exotics XLD woods ($229). Designed to promote the fastest ball speed possible, the Exotics XLD woods employ a unique pentagonal shape to help foster a higher MOI and more forgiveness (not to mention a greater transfer of energy into the ball, for—you guessed it—a faster ball speed and more distance). Other key features include an ultralight Graphite Design shaft, a low-profile head design and a superhot Carpenter Custom 455 Stainless Steel clubface. For more info, check out golftipsmag.com/ezlinks.

Start Your Engines
You probably know by now that shafts are the engines of a golf club. Graphite Design definitely understands that and has three new shafts ready to add horsepower and control to your tee shots. The hard part would be to describe the awesome Tour AD YSQ, the high-powered Throttle and the exceptional AD Quattro MD in one paragraph, so instead we let them do it online.  Check out golftipsmag.com/ezlinks for the whole scoop on all three shafts.

Power Gluttons
Shopping for a new Cobra Speed LD driver ($299) is like buying a hot, new sports car—only this time you don’t have to suffer through a salesman’s pitch. There are five models to choose from, ranging from the Speed F (designed for most golfers) to the Speed LD Women’s, each with slight differences in design to accommodate a wide range of golfers. The similarities among the models include a size dimension limit of 5x5 inches, a fast-back crown with dimples and a milled clubface. Each driver also comes with a different shaft made by either Graphite Design or Aldila. Speed and power fanatics unite! For the scoop, log on to golftipsmag.com/ezlinks.

Earth Tee
Global warming, pollution, water shortages...it seems you can’t turn on the news without hearing about the environmental dangers facing our planet. Well, PrideSports, the country’s only wooden tee manufacturer, is doing something about it with their new Insignia tee. Billed as the game’s first-ever lead-free golf tee, it generates 80% less waste, so golf courses can remain clean and users stay safe. Comes in two sizes (2¾ and 3¼ inches) and four color patterns. Log on to golftipsmag.com/ezlinks for more.


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