July 2007

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New & NotableBetter Than Ever?
Could Titleist really improve on the most impactful ball in the last 30 years? Apparently so. The new Pro V1 and Pro V1x both incorporate a new hidden seam design via a “staggered wave parting line” and also feature a new alignment marking that eliminates the need to draw a line with a marker. In addition, both golf balls feature a higher coverage dimple design, more distance and more responsiveness around the greens than with previous models. For the scoop, log on to www.titleist.com.

It’s rare for a new golf ball to come out and take on such a presence both on the PGA Tour and in golf shops in just a matter of months, but the Bridgestone B330 and B330-S seemed to fit in right away with the other elite golf balls in the high-performance category. And like the Pro V1 balls, the B330 and B330-S both have undergone improvements, albeit this time with a more resilient core, an enhanced middle layer, and a cover that’s both more durable and more playable around the greens. The new B330 is still firmer than the new B330-S, but both balls are exceptionally long and spin very well with short shots. For more, log onto www.bridgestonegolf.com.

New & NotableIsland Beauty
The new Barbados putter ($179) from Rife Putters (formerly Guerin Rife) is as the company describes it, “Tour driven.” The Barbados has an elegant mallet shape that Tour professionals prefer, but still lends some helpful alignment aids, thanks to a three-line design. Also, like all Rife Putters, the Barbados comes with a RollGroove face, which features a series of reverse grooves (that protrude rather than recess) to help minimize skidding and promote a faster and smoother end-over-end roll. The Barbados also comes equipped with LieAlign technology. For more information, log onto www.rifeputters.com.

New & NotableTwice As Effective
Jack Nicklaus may be through playing competitive golf, but that doesn’t mean the equipment company that bears his name is taking a rest. The revived Nicklaus Golf has introduced several great new pieces of equipment in 2007. Among the headliners is the new Dual Point driver ($299), designed with the optimal face flex point and the center of gravity positioned directly in line with one another. This means more trampoline effect and distance. The Dual Point driver also features a weight plug low and deep for impact stability. For more info, log onto www.nicklausgolf.com



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