July 2006

Reader Input 1 What new club has made the biggest impact on your game and why?
A: Sonartec MD Transition
“For a long time, the gap between my fairway woods and irons was causing me trouble, especially on long par-3s and tough approaches on par-4s. I couldn’t bring myself to muscle a long iron shot, and I didn’t like swinging easy with a fairway wood. The Sonartec MD Transition filled the distance gap between 200 and 220 yards, from both the fairway and off the tee. Also, it’s a money club for hitting bump-and-run shots around the green.”
—Steve, Newport Beach, Calif. (6 handicap)

2 What training aid has helped you the most?
A: Momentus
“I’ve tried a lot of training aids, many of which have helped me learn better swing mechanics. But finding a training aid dedicated toward helping me improve my tempo, loosen muscles and stay on-plane has really made a difference in my game. The heavy-weighted Momentus Swing Trainer also helps me ingrain a more consistent swing plane, which I need to prevent myself from swinging too much from the outside-in. It really limbers me up before I head out to the golf course.”
—Richard, Eugene, Ore. (8 handicap)

3 What’s the best driver you’ve hit, and what makes it so good?
A:  Mizuno MX-500
“Mizuno has been best known to produce high-quality stuff for better players, but one swing with the MX-500 convinced me that Mizuno is out to help everyone play better. I’m not sure how it works, but the carbon crown and titanium face help me hit the ball higher, farther and straighter than I did with my old driver. I miss the “clack” sound of the all-titanium drivers, but even with the muted “thump” sound of the MX-500, it’s still the best driver I’ve played.”
—John, Camarillo, Calif. (15 handicap) 

4 How much time do you spend practicing your short game vs. your long game?
A: 30/70
“In my foursome, I’m known for having a very good short game. But as far as practice time is concerned, I hit balls maybe 70 percent of the time, and hone in on my short game 30 percent of the time. My secret to success is, I actually practice my short game every day! Whether in the office or at home, I make an effort to swing a wedge or putter at least once a day. By keeping a short club in my hands as often as possible, I’ve been able to develop a better feel and I’ve become more accustomed with each club. More familiarity leads to more confidence, which then leads to lower scores!”
—Ryan, Seattle, Wash. (3 handicap)


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