July 2006

Louisville SMART Ti Together At Last
No really—titanium and persimmon can coexist. Featuring a combination of persimmon and titanium, the new SMART ti driver ($369) from Louisville Golf is one of the most unique drivers ever made. Not only does it feature the built-in, spin-correcting gear effects and soft sound that persimmon provides, but it has also tacked on a few more yards of distance. By using a recessed cavity behind the titanium clubface insert, Louisville was able to increase the SMART ti’s COR to a level that’s higher than any other persimmon driver tested by the USGA. In sum, it’s an absolute blast to hit and unbelievably accurate. For more information and to check out all of Louisville Golf’s persimmon products, visit www.louisvillegolf.com.

Teego Teego
If you’ve ever been to one of those high-tech driving ranges where your ball pops out of the ground onto the tee, then you know how good it feels to not bend over and tee up another ball. The makers of the Teego ($99) had the exact same experience in mind when they developed their portable golf ball dispenser. Not only does the Teego go anywhere, it’s very durable and works with any type of tee and holds a total of 150 golf balls. But its best feature might be how it works. The Teego is gravity-driven, so there’s no need for batteries or electrical plugs. Optional accessories also include a driving mat, practice net and X-Tees that work with the Teego system. For more information, visit www.teego.com

Medicus Hinge Big Bender
One of the most popular training aids ever, the Medicus iron has helped hundreds of thousands of golfers better their iron swing mechanics by way of a hinging feature in the shaft. The new Medicus Dual Hinge Driver ($159) does the same for longer shots, helping golfers stay on-plane, monitor proper tempo and wrist cock and more. By allowing the golfer to see instant feedback, the Medicus Driver enables golfers to groove proper fundamentals into the swing and, when a fault occurs, the shaft bends and the swing must be repeated from the start. Right- and left-handed models are available in what’s likely to be another one of golf’s most popular training aids. For more information, visit www.medicus.com.

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