February-March 2008

The latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aids, apparel & more

new and notableWater Club
One of the most common reasons people slice the ball is that they don’t properly release the club. The Swing Wave ($89), an inventive training aid designed around shifting water inside a chamber, helps give golfers a natural feeling of weight shift and release during the swing. The device comes in sizes ranging from 28 ounces for Juniors to a 48-ounce model for low-handicappers. Six drills promise to strengthen golf muscles, increase flexibility and increase clubhead speed. An optional training grip helps ingrain a proper grip. www.swingwave.com

new and notableGolf Quest
The name says it all. Never Search for Golf is a DVD that displays the exact location of 18,745 private, public, resort and municipal golf courses in the U.S. Just click on the flag denoting a golf course, and all the relevant course information pops up; 1,600 driving ranges, 3,500 golf stores and 9,500 instructors are also represented. Advanced features include coupons, destination guides and more. Personal and business models available. www.never-search.com

new and notableClub Guard
You might think three-putts are a golfer’s worst nightmare—that is, until you unzip your travel bag to find that your $500 driver has just been snapped in two. SKB has been making sturdy cases for more than 30 years, and their super-hard polyurethane shells are U.S. military grade. The 2SKB-1649W (shown, $209) handles drivers up to 48 inches in length, features industrial-strength latches and can accommodate full-size staff bags. All SKB Hard Case Products are covered under a full warranty, and some models come with a $1,500 club coverage. www.skbcases.com

new and notableSporty Spikes
It used to be that spikes were metal and something golfers didn’t think much about. Sure, they sounded cool when they crunched against cart paths, but then everything changed. Courses started requiring alternative spikes, which opened the door for manufacturers to get creative with their designs. Consider Softspikes’® Pulsar ($10). Their new limited-edition line offers a number of vibrant colors, including red, light blue and yellow, along with their durable webbed shield (to help stabilize golfers’ feet) and Reactive Comfort Technology. www.softspikes.com


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