February-March 2007

The latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aids, apparel & more

The Stance Minder
www.stanceminder.com Stance Minder
What it does: Better golfers know that proper alignment is key. The Stance Minder enables golfers to customize their ball position, stance and posture.
How it helps: You can’t score if you aren’t set up right. This will help fix everything before you swing.

Izzo EZ Roller
Izzo EZ Roller What it does: One of many new training aids from Izzo, the EZ Roller features an aperture to place a golf ball in, with the intent of simulating a smooth roll.
How it helps: The EZ Roller forces golfers to make a smooth, nonhitting putting stroke. Bye-bye, yips.

Golf IQ Accuracy Package
Golf IQ Accuracy Package What it does: This multi-aid kit has five different devices geared to helping various parts of the game: a Smash Bag, Practice Pod, Smart Glove, Course Logix software and a Cure Your Slice DVD.
How it helps: The Accuracy Package helps with not just accuracy, but also distance and mechanics.
Matzie Assist
Matzie Assist What it does: The Matzie Assist has been around for a long time (10 years), and its oversized yellow clubhead, bent shaft and molded grip have been swung in golf shops all over the world.
How it helps: The Assist is made to help with better tempo, extension, rhythm and hand movements.

Momentus Power Hitter
Momentus Power Hitter What it does: Designed to be hittable, the Momentus Power Hitter is a heavy-weighted, but proportionally balanced driver. A few swings a day helps to exercise key strength muscles. Five weight classes are available, from 310 grams down to 240 grams.
How it helps: Distance, distance and more distance.

The Swing Speed Radar
Swing Speed Radar What it does: The Swing Speed Radar does what its name implies, which is to analyze a golfer’s swing speed with wedges, irons, fairway woods and drivers.
How it helps: Simple and easy to use, the Swing Speed Radar helps golfers not only monitor their swing speed, but also determine the most optimal speed for consistent ballstriking.


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