August-September 2008

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new & notable Now Playing: Adams Insight XTD PRO
Think square drivers were just a fad? Think again. Not only are they alive and well, but now they’re engineered for better players. Adams’ Insight XTD Pro ($349) features “Boxer Technology” that, like other square big sticks, moves weight away from the clubface for a higher MOI. But the XTD Pro is built for players with high swing speeds. It comes with a deeper, hotter face (that’s open two degrees at address so better players can avoid hooks) and a Graphite Design Tour AD YSQ 65 gram graphite shaft. Plus, it helps low handicappers achieve the desired high-launch/low-spin ballfight that results in more penetrating shots. Comes in 8.5°, 9.5° (left hand, too) and 10.5° lofts. For more info, check out

The Right Fit
Golf-specific eyewear is one of the most noticeable new additions to pros’ aresenals in recent years. More than anyone, Tour players know that to expose their unprotected eyes to the sun can cause serious damage. We think it’s wise to follow their example. Here are eight new offerings that not only protect your eyes but also keep you looking good on the course. 


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