August-September 2006

Reader Input
What’s your favorite golf ball and why?

Whats Your Favorite?1 Bridgestone B330S, MaxFli RedMAX and Srixon AD333
“It’s a toss-up. When it comes to spin, the new B330S from Bridgestone Golf is a great choice. It really makes hitting tight approaches a lot easier. For distance, though, I think the Maxfli RedMAX is as long as any other ball that I’ve tried. And a great in-betweener ball is the Srixon AD333. It’s a two-piece, but it has the feel and performance of a more expensive Three piece golf ball.”
—Drew, Scottsdale, Ariz. (10 handicap)

2 Bridgestone e5
“You can’t beat the price. For less than $25 a dozen, the e5 has an amazingly soft feel—even with the putter. It doesn’t disappoint off the tee either, as I’ve seen my fair share of higher and longer drives. I’ve even noticed a few short shots checking up on the greens! The e5 doesn’t seem as durable as other inexpensive golf balls, but they’re still a steal for anyone who wants a great all-around ball for the money.”
—Wayne, West Covina, Calif. (8 handicap) 

3 Dunlop LoCo Motion
“A lot of my friends place emphasis on what ball they hit, but I can’t tell one from another. I always buy balls that go far and that aren’t going to bankrupt me. It depends on where I shop, but I usually opt for the Dunlop LoCo Motion. They go for around $15 a dozen, so I never feel too bad when I lose one.”
—Fred, Peoria, Ill. (22 handicap) 

4 Titleist Pro V1
“I’ve used Titleists ever since I was a kid, first playing Surlyn-covered 384 DTs and then, as I improved, moving to a balata cover. I loved the Surlyn’s distance and durability, but at times it felt like I was hitting a rock around the greens. When I played the balata ball, it spun like a pro’s, but I couldn’t make it through six holes without cutting it. When the Pro V1 came out, all that changed. Now I get great distance, spin and durability. To me, it’s worth it even if they are expensive.”
—Casey, Lewiston, Maine (7 handicap)

5 Maxfli Noodle Ice
“My friends and I were wondering if a colored ball would ever make a return, and it looks like somebody was listening! The Noodle Ice performs as well if not better than the original Noodle, but the vivid colors are a lot easier to see in the air and in the rough than standard white golf balls. The clearcoat takes some getting used to, but it’s fun to watch these balls fly through the air. Better yet, they’re affordable and come in a variety of colors.”
—Stephanie, Chicago, Ill. (11 handicap)


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