August-September 2006

OGIO BagShling Thing
The new OGIO Shling shoulder harness gets its inspiration from yokes (you know, those things that hang on oxen’s necks to help them carry their burdens). But whereas yokes were designed to balance equal amounts of weight, the OGIO Shling is designed to make carrying awkwardly weighted golf bags a snap, plus it can be adjusted for different shoulder widths. Simple to adjust, just slide it on and hit the links! The Shling can be found on OGIO’s Vision SS bag ($229, pictured). For more information, visit

Odyssey White Hot XGMultilayer Mania
The new White Hot XG series ($119, #7 pictured) features a multilayer face insert with an elastomer core material for a soft feel and a firmer, outer striking surface for improved accuracy and feedback. Also notable, the face has a unique textured-weave design for a faster end-over-end roll. The feel is subtly different from other White Hot models, albeit this time with a slightly softer sensation at impact. The White Hot XG series putters come in a variety of sizes, shapes and hosel configurations. For more information, visit

MacGregor MACTECForged Forgiveness
For a long time, forged irons were relatively plain in shape, possessing the kind of shotmaking attributes and feel that generally catered to only a handful of the best players in the world. And while most Tour pros today have opted for at least a few cavity-back irons in their bags for added playability, finding the mix of that forged feel with hard-hitting forgiveness hasn’t been easy. That is, until MacGregor unveiled the new MACTEC M685 forged cavity-back irons ($699). Interestingly, the M685 long and mid-irons feature what’s called hosel-face, hollow-body technology, where the hosel and clubface are forged as a single piece for a remarkably solid, one-piece feel. The rest of the hollow-body design lends ample perimeter weighting and forgiveness across the entire clubface. All this sounds impressive, doesn’t it? It’s even better in the bag. Multiple shaft options are available. To learn more, check out

The Right TouchSimply Effective
Sometimes it’s the most basic training devices that have the biggest impact. The easy-to-use Right Touch ($49) is designed to help improve swing path, posture and weight shift by reminding the golfer to keep the arms in the right place during the backswing and downswing. This promotes a more compact address and swing, resulting in truer, straighter flying shots. It’s easy to use and comes with a full-length instructional DVD. For more information, visit


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