August-September 2006

These top grips aren’t just made of cool new materials, however. Equally inventive are the new textures and dual densities, which are designed to do more than simply help secure the hands to the club. Some wick water, some absorb shock, some are built for comfort, and others are made to promote healthy hands. Some grips are designed to do all of the above, so we’ve decided to call out a few of today’s top performers.

Avon Pro D2x
Avon Pro D2X The Pro D2x from Avon features firm support in the top region and a softer feel in the lower region. It also has superb traction throughout.
Material: Dual-mold compound
Design: Ribbed velvet

Comp Grip MF5
Comp Grip MF5 Could this be the first microfiber grip? The polymer-based MF5 handles rain and perspiration, and does so with a unique feel and look.
Material: Microfiber/polymer
Design: Textured-weave velvet

Golf Pride Dual Durometer
Golf Pride Dual Durometer Soft on the outside, firm on the inside, the Dual Durometer is a great option for players who want the best in shock absorption, while retaining a solid feel. Now available in a corded model.
Material: Thermoset rubber
Design: Velvet
Lamkin Dual Density Torsion Control
Lamkin DDTCOne of the most unique grips to hit the market in decades, the DDTC features a unique groove-and-texture pattern that increases gripping power while combating rain and perspiration.
Material: Laser-Tac proprietary rubber
Design: Ridged velvet

Sharpro PTO
Sharpro-PTO The texture-heavy PTO has perforations and ridges throughout for a rugged look. The lower half is softer than the top for a great feel and optimal shock absorption. 
Material: Dual-density rubber
Design: Upper-cord

Winn G8
Winn G8 The latest from Winn Grips provides a uniform feel, despite being constructed from multiple materials for traction and shock absorption in the places where they’re needed most.
Material: Proprietary synthetic polymer
Design: Vertical-seam velvet


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