August-September 2006

Hi Tech Super Power Pro Golf ShoesNow Playing: CDT Super Power Pro Golf Shoes

Shoes that can help you hit the ball farther? Sounds like we’re kidding, right? We’re not. The new CDT Super Power Pro golf shoes ($210) from Hi-Tec are designed not only to cradle the foot while walking and provide support when making a golf swing—they’re designed to help you hit the ball a long way. It all starts with one of the most innovative and aggressive sole designs to ever grace a golf shoe. For more information on the full range of shoe styles and features, visit

EVA Midsole
The compression midsole is comfortably secure and offers just the right amount of cushion needed to make a strong swing and to keep the feet healthy and pain-free while walking and playing.
Full Grain
The 100% full-grain leather upper is breathable, soft, waterproof and designed to last.

Wear And Roll Bar
Traction where you need it, freedom where you don’t. The heel Wear Bar and toe Roll Bar help the feet rock and roll during the swing as they should, without compromising traction or comfort.

Two Pods
The twin-pod design helps golfers position their body weight over the critical heel and toe regions of the feet. This weight dispersion enables golfers to make a fuller backswing and a more effective weight shift from the back heel to the forward toe during the downswing. Better yet, the arch support cradles the foot for a comfortable yet athletic feel, helping to prevent collapsed arches and overpronation.

Tread Design
This is one of the most aggressive sole designs on the market. Made of strong thermoplastic urethane (TPU), the CDT Super Power Pro sole design features a series of stabilizing bars, grooves and teeth for support in literally every direction—uphill, downhill and sideways. The forefoot Flex Groove is designed for better walking comfort and flexibility.
The TPU shank in the arch section of the shoe helps place weight on the heel and toe while comfortably cradling the arch. Now that’s what we call support.

CDT Spikes
No other spike lends as much control as the CDT Power spike. With six teeth, two of which are elongated for custom direction control, the CDT spike grips, holds and absorbs shock very well.

Grip Genetics
Grips have come a long way since leather and simple rubber models. Today, there are more substances, ingredients, materials and textures than ever to choose from. Polymers, synthetic, multiblend, dual-density and proprietary mixed rubbers dominate the landscape, encompassing a level of technology once reserved for high-performance tires and automotive technologies.


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