August 2013

Summer training! Get your game in gear with some of our favorite training aids for 2013.

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A new smaller Swing Jacket coined the Ultimate Swing Teacher fits men, women and youth with chest sizes from 26 to 40 inches. Like its larger predecessor, it physically guides you through the proper on-plane swing, allowing you to develop the muscle memory of a fundamentally sound swing. ($119,

Weighing just one-third of an ounce, the 3BaysGSA Putt unit plugs into the butt end of your putter's grip, then transmits information about your putting stroke through a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. It displays face angle, consistency, attack angle, tempo, backswing time, downswing time, impact speed and swingpath distance, and shows immediate animation playback of your path from two angles. ($200,

Srixon's new Cabretta glove features high-grade Cabretta leather with Lycra knuckle inserts positioned across the knuckles. This combination provides a snug fit, excellent traction and comfortable flexibility. ($13,

SKLZ's Pure Path provides instant feedback on your swing path, while it aims to help correct pushes, pulls, slices and hooks. The unit assembles quickly and stakes into the ground. Just hit the hanging ball—which, by the way, has the feel of a real golf ball. ($20,

Laser Link Golf's pistol-shaped White Magic rangefinder can quickly find the distance to any landmark on the course with the touch of a button. Its "Zero-In" alignment system makes for easy targeting. Built-in technology allows the rangefinder to distinguish between reflector and non-reflector targets. ($329,

The Pocket Pin High Pro is a portable circular puck with an internal spring that helps you shift your weight forward during your swing more consistently. Place it on the ground and step on it with the outside of your front foot while you swing. When your weight shifts to your front foot, it clicks—audibly letting you know that you shifted your weight. ($24.95,

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