August 2013

Summer training! Get your game in gear with some of our favorite training aids for 2013.

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KZG's GF X driver includes two strategically positioned weight portals, plus a bevy of screws in seven different weights. The 460cc, all-black driver's swing weight, launch angle and draw/fade bias can be adjusted to 128 combinations—only by one of the company's network of fitters. ($399,

Callaway's X Spann glove is lightweight, made of thin and soft Cabretta leather, and wicks moisture to keep your hand cool. The pull-tab-less design eliminates Velcro®, while a fresh compression system provides a nice fit. ($20,

Heavy Putter's EL putter has a 175-gram counterweight in the butt end of the shaft, forming an optimal balance point that leads to a high MOI and more stable stroke. The long shaft—offered in 36, 38 and 40 inches—has a 17-inch grip. Sixteen head styles are offered. ($169,

The portable, X-shaped SwingWing inflates in 15 seconds and then slides down the shaft of your club. It's wind-resistant, so when you swing away with it over the clubshaft, you quickly improve tempo, lag, sequencing and body turn. You can't swing it too fast because of its aerodynamics. ($29.99,

Sometimes the simplest training aids are our most favorite. The GolfSTR definitely fits that description, employing a simple design that makes it a cinch to keep your left arm straight as you make a golf swing. Doing just that actually helps you make a better golf turn in order to pop long drives down the fairway. Attach it to your left arm, make a few practice swings, and you'll quickly feel what a golf swing is supposed to feel like. Give it a try; it really works. ($36,

Again, simple training aids rule. The PowerMeter does as the name implies. It helps you track your clubhead speed so you can see right away how changes you make in your swing affect your overall swing speed. That kind of feedback is the stuff we really like, and the PowerMeter works very effectively. We've actually found some of our hardest swings to be slower than swings we made when we were relaxed and more rhythmic. Go figure. ($129,

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