August 2012

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Want to know if your hands are working the way they should in the swing? The Educator ($30) from Tour Striker teaches you how to do that. Simply insert the Educator into the hole in your grip, and the indicator arm will help convey, in a number of different ways, how you're swinging the club. Among the Educator's benefits are a better transmission of power, clubface control, better shot shapes and even smoother putting. Each Educator comes with an instructional DVD.

The popular Color Palette ($49) from Trion:Z features the same magnet technology found in other Trion:Z products, only this time is an ultrasleek, titanium band design. Available in many colors, the Color Palette uses special axially magnetized magnets to help neutralize harmful positive ions in the body and whizzing through the air. This means you can maintain focus, energy and balance. Hey, top players like Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler wear this stuff, claiming it helps their games. Why not give it a shot? At just 4 grams, you barely know it's there.

Weighing just 15 grams and clamping on a club's shaft just below the grip, the iTrainerMini ($199) measures and analyzes swing characteristics no matter what club a golfer is swinging. By utilizing accelerometers and gyroscopes, it gives an accurate reading of how and where the club is moving. What's coolest though is that it sends all the data via Bluetooth to an app that runs on any Android device. Analyzing your swing has never been easier.

Looking to improve all aspects of your putting? The Straight Trax ($30) addresses stroke path, stroke length, eye alignment, club alignment and many more factors. Designed to be used from 10 to 12 feet, it's small enough to fit in your bag and can be used both indoors and out. Includes five 30-inch alignment rods, two clear polycarbonate guides and two adjustable rubber sliders.

With five new collections to choose from, Sunice has all the bases covered for their 2012 outerwear collection. The men's palette brightens up with blues and orange, while there's some red, white and blue in the ladies' collection, as the company is the official supplier of the 2013 Solheim Cup team. We're showing three collections here, the full-stretch, waterproof Typhoon, the lightweight, fashion-driven Pro Sport and the Hurricane which features GORE-TEX shells, For more information on all the company's new offerings, visit


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