August 2012

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Infiniti's new TS 12 irons ($1,200, 3-PW RH only) are the perfect set of sticks for low-handicap golfers. The 3-7 irons were built with a forgiving cavity-back and greater mass behind the hitting area to ensure solid contact on mis-hits. The 8-W blades have practically no offset. All irons have been double forged with soft steel and finished with a slick, nonglare matte nickel plating.

Ever feel like you're not getting an accurate view on GPS units? Then you might want to consider Callaway's new uPro MX ($249). In ProMode, golfers can see actual aerial imagery and video flyovers of each hole. The compact, three-ounce device has a 2.2-inch full-color touch screen, and in addition to all the usual GPS features, the uPro MX features AnyPoint technology so you know exactly how far you have left to the pin. Now that's the kind of course management we like!

We think these are some of the best-looking irons this year, and they just so happen to perform beautifully, as well. The Caiman X2 Tour Irons ($33/head) feature a copper-toned PVD finish, a muscle-back design and a top-line profile that better players will love. In our trial, shotshaping was a breeze and although not forged, they sure feel like it. We also dig the near endless options of custom grips and shafts to choose from at Hireko Golf.


Featuring a longer battery life and increased sensitivity for a more accurate pressure read, the upgraded SensoGlove ($89/$22 for a replacement glove) has a built-in digital monitor that analyzes your grip pressure during the swing. That way you'll know immediately if your grip pressure is too firm or light. And as a result, make better, more fluid swings.

The AquaGrip ($25) from Bionic boasts a patented pad technology and suede microfiber for a more secure grip during wet playing conditions. Maximum breathability is offered via 15 Lycra vents that are strategically placed throughout the glove and provide flexibility and cross ventilation to keep your hand comfortable.

Made from top-of-the-line cabretta leather, the EQ Glove ($40) features antimicrobial Lycra, which helps enhance the fit and reduce heat and moisture. It comes with a distinct holo-graphic ball marker, three sizes and two colors. EQ claims it lasts twice as long as the average cabretta glove.

Sharpro's 3CAT grip ($4.99 cord, $3.99 noncord) provides the security of a velvet cord and the soft, tacky feel of a wrap. The addition of anti-torsion bars, made from higher-density rubber, positioned at the top half of the grip to work in conjunction with the soft cord, creates unrivaled control and security for the golfer.

The uniquely shaped Macro ($25) putter grip from Macro Golf has a reducing oval shape that tapers on the target side, and can put an end to any and all of your putting woes. It's the perfect addition for golfers who want to make a change in not only their putter grips, but also their philosophy in their putting routine. Comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.


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