August 2012

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Featuring Nike's polymetal groove technology and a dark chrome finish, the Method Midnight putters ($270) are offered in three models (006, 007 and 008). With grooves that generate a forward roll almost immediately after impact, the putter helps minimize bounce and keep putts on line. Look for the 006 in a left-handed model.

The designers at Never Compromise understand how important good putting is. That's why they've named their new lineup "Sub 30," ($140/each) to reflect the goal of finishing a round with fewer than 30 putts. With five models available, the Sub 30 lineup offers a flatstick for everyone. The arsenal's key component is a copper-infused aluminum and polymer face insert that offers a soft, responsive feel. The insert is also one of the tallest of any putter, making mis-hits that much more forgivable.

The XForm ($249), a striking new lineup from STX, features two models that are 100% machine milled from 303 stainless steel. It's the perfect flatstick for golfers who love elegant, superbly crafted clubs. Two models are available with either a stainless-steel face or thermoset insert. Look for a mallet version called XForm3. Both blade models weigh 350 grams, while the mallet tips the scales at 355 grams.

Shaped like a driver and painted with an arctic-white finish, the SG Putterwood putters ($140) boast a hollow-core design that transfers energy from the clubhead to the ball and helps optimize roll. There are four standard models (3-wood, Hybrid, Hybrid-Blade and Blade), which are available in lengths from 32 to 36 inches in 1⁄2-inch increments. Look for a belly version, too.

Want to shape hybrid shots like your irons? Henry-Griffitts' new PRAXIS HY hybrid ($235) may be the stick for you. With a face angle that can be altered from 3° open to 3° closed, and a lie angle from 3° flat to 3° upright, the PRAXIS is a ballflight tinkerer's dream. According to Henry Griffitts' president Randall Henry, "It is uniquely designed to be adjustable for weight, face angle and lie angle so it will match exactly with the player's fit." Comes in four right-handed lofts (19°, 22°, 25° and 28°) and three left-handed lofts (19°, 22° and 25°).

The Matrix Ozik M3 shafts ($320) are for fast-swinging better players who like additional stability in the tip section. If you like a flat ballflight, it's definitely your shaft. Comes in three models (6M3, 7M3 and 8M3) in both S and X flexes; and four weights (64, 70, 73 and 81 grams). Look for a high bend point and stiff tip.

Being a consistent golfer is one of the game's biggest challenges. That's what inventor Sam Shah addresses in his new product, the PowerLag + FlatWrist Pro. The easy-to-use training aid makes better contact and longer shots its priority. Simply secure it around your dominant wrist, so it points slightly to the left of your index finger. As you make a swing, it makes it easier to create lag for power and a flat wrist through impact. What's best is it only costs $39.99 and comes with a bonus instructional DVD.


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