April 2012

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nVentix Golf debuted their NUNCHUK 370 Precision hybrid shaft ($175) at this year's PGA Merchandise Show. It incorporates the same Tri-Zonal Stability technology as the original NUNCHUK shaft, which is an alternative to shafts with varying flexes, kickpoints, weights and torques. Basically NUNCHUK simplifies the fitting process so you don't have to worry about all the specific differences in a regular shaft. This new hybrid version features a wider tip diameter, which sets it off from the original version. nventix.com
UST Mamiya has unveiled its Proforce VTS hybrid shaft ($80) in three different weights: 75, 85 and 100 grams. Like its VTS driver and fairway-wood shafts, the VTS is all about torque. All you have to do is find the weight and flex on the shaft, and UST Mamiya will offer three different torque profiles to fine-tune your performance even further. This
shaft will help players increase their ball speed, hit straighter shots and simply have better-feeling strikes. ustmamiya.com
Fujikura has introduced its Motore F3 hybrid shaft ($150) this year in a 95-gram offering. This shaft not only provides tremendous feel but features the company's proprietary H.I.T. Technology (High Inertia Tip). H.I.T. stores more energy during the downswing, then releases that energy right before impact, which means the tip end of the shaft accelerates faster to the ball. This provides optimal spin, regardless of hits with higher or lower trajectories. fujikuragolf.com

Lower your scores with these new releases

The Unstoppable Golfer: Trusting Your Mind & Your Short Game to Achieve Greatness ($25) is Dr. Bob Rotella's eighth book. In this relatively short book, the master sports psychologist trains his eye on the deceptively challenging short game. Being target-focused is a common theme in Rotella's work, and he doesn't veer too far from that mantra in The Unstoppable Golfer. Available wherever books are sold.

57 chapters. 250 tips. Four hours of instruction. No it's not the latest issue of Golf Tips, it's Butch Harmon's new DVD. Titled Butch Harmon About Golf presented by Titleist ($80), the two-disc set features guest appearances by many of Harmon's past and present students (Phil, Dustin and even Tiger). What will you learn? More like what won't you learn? This baby is comprehensive…and entertaining. Released in six languages, including English, Spanish and Korean. butchharmondvd.com

Chances are your diet is actually causing your golf scores to go up, says author and veteran golf writer Scott Kramer. His e-book The Golfer's Diet ($2.99) is entertaining and fast reading and helps golfers learn what kinds of foods to eat before, during and after a round of golf. It also explains why the most popular food items at golf courses are often the worst for your game. Look for PGA and LPGA Tour pros to reveal what they eat, when they eat it and what foods they avoid. Available on amazon.com.

Kai Fusser wants to pump you up! The Director of Fitness at the Annika Academy in Orlando, Fusser has trained some of the game's best golfers. In December, he released his first book called Weight Training for Women's Golf, The Ultimate Guide ($17). Now, there's a men's version, too. Learn all of the exercises that will get you knocking the cover off the ball. Wherever books are sold.


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