April 2012

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Sway too much during your swing? The PivotPro ($89) can help you stop. Simply clamp your foot into its wedge-like brace (much like a ski boot) and make a swing without bumping into its affixed aluminum rod. It's designed to help golfers turn their torso against their rear leg and their lead hip toward the target—two ingredients that generate a powerful pivot. Prevents casting and reverse pivots, too. Fits shoe sizes 7 to 14. pivotpro.net

What looks like an oversized belt is actually a training aid called the Synchronizer ($40). Simply wear it around your waist, and it will help you get in sync by training you to start your backswing and properly transition into your downswing. This simple, innovative trainer actually makes you sync your arms, shoulders, hips and legs so you can effortlessly transform your swing into its most efficient and effective form. Comes in four sizes and with an instructional DVD. syncyourswing.com


Siri, the voice of Apple's new iPhone, has some competition. At this year's PGA Merchandise Show, GolfBuddy unveiled its latest device, a diminutive yet highly powerful GPS unit called the Voice ($199). Billed as the first global talking GPS rangefinder, the Voice audibly delivers distances to the front, middle and back of the green for more than 33,000 (preloaded) global golf courses. What's best is it's so small, you can clip it to your cap or belt. Weighs just one ounce and measures a mere 1.7 inches. No subscription fees, and it's multilingual to boot! www.gpsgolfbuddy.com

WATCH IT! GPS units for your wrist
Boasting accurate distance to the front, the middle and the back of the green, the new Swami Golf GPS Watch ($179) from IZZO comes preloaded with more than 19,000 North American courses. Weighs only 3.5 ounces and holds a 6- to 8-hour charge. No downloads or annual subscriptions. izzo.com

Preloaded with nearly 17,000 North American courses, the Garmin Approach S1W GPS watch ($250) is fashionable, functional and pretty darn powerful, too. It delivers distances to the front, center and back of the green, weighs only 1.8 ounces, and its battery life, while in GPS mode, lasts eight hours. garmin.com The first golf GPS watch to include information about hazards, the WR62 ($180) from Expresso Satellite Navigation also tracks your shot's distance, and gives you access to the yardage to the front and back of the green. golfesn.com


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