April 2012

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Three products from Medicus will help you hit fairways, gain distance and drain putts. The Dual-Hinge driver ($160) lets you know when you swing incorrectly by "breaking," the PowerMeter ($70) attaches to your clubs and measures your clubhead speed, and the OverSpin putter ($160) helps you strike the ball above its center, which helps eliminate skidding and hopping. medicus.com

SKLZ has introduced their new SimStix True-Feel Club ($40), which combines a grip and cut-down shaft that fits into both Wii and Sony Playstation controllers. Use it while you play golf video games to help you experience a realistic swinging motion. It's a great idea to heighten the game-playing experience, but we liked that you can receive real-time feedback on your swing. Clubface alignment, swing path and plane…they're all displayed on the screen for you. sklz.com

The Orange Whip ($109) aims to sharpen your swing rhythm and tempo, improve your balance, increase your clubhead speed and develop lag and load. After practicing with it each day, you'll find strength and flexibility in your golf swing. Its cousin, the Orange Peel ($209) is a balance board that helps you direct your center of gravity. Use it to find your balance and replicate different kinds of hilly lies. (Use both and you'll make balanced, rhythmic swings like never before.) orangewhiptrainer.com

The Dead Aim putter ($150-$220) is an optically engineered putter with a raised three-hole top line that makes it easy to know when your eyes are lined up over the ball. We got to test it out at this year's PGA Merchandise show, and it was a cinch to line our eyes over the ball and ensure the putterface was square to the target line. The feature we liked the most was the optional laser-training device ($30) that attaches to the top of the putter and helps square the face through the entire stroke. Two models are available in standard and belly lengths. Both come in black and silver/white finishes. deadaimputters.com

The wildly popular Tour Striker training aid is now out in a driver version. This model features a little bump toward the sole of the driver's face so you can learn to hit the ball off the top half of the face and maximize the driver's COR. Another great idea from this company that's already knocked it out of the park on their irons. tourstriker.com

Can't seem to get the ball in the hole from three feet? Don't worry, you're not alone. Fortunately the makers of the Putting Alley ($50-$160) are here to help. Their product features a raised 27-inch alley that leads to a cup. Strike the ball with an open or closed face, and it will veer to the left or right and wind up short of the cup. Hit it with a square face and, voila, the ball will hit the back of the cup. The makers say with just five minutes of practice, you'll train yourself to make perfect contact. Comes in two materials (wood and plastic) and two different alley widths (one inch and 1⁄2 inch). puttingalley.com

The SwingRite ($150) is one of the game's easiest and most effective training aids. Simply swing it and listen for the click. If released properly, the SwingRite will click at the bottom of your swing. You can easily pinpoint and correct an early or late hand release, and making this correction will result in farther and straighter shots. Adjust the SwingRite to work on clubhead speed and tempo. swingrite.com


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