April 2008

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new and notableNow Playing: Heavy Putter Goes Deep
Like an Oscar-winning movie, Boccieri Golf’s newest line of putters isn’t afraid to call itself heavy and deep. But golfers who use them won’t be sobbing into their playing partners’ shoulders anytime soon. (Although they may get an unexpected workout in the process.)

Steve Boccieri first introduced his Heavy Putter in 2005 and has been making people rethink how putters should feel ever since. The clubhead weighs an average of 100-200 grams more than conventional putters, and another 250-gram weight is added to the grip end (moving the balance point higher than traditional putters and the total weight to approximately 900 grams). Why add so much weight? Some think it’s just to torture caddies, but we know it’s to engage a golfer’s larger muscles and help players achieve the desired pendulum effect. Also, thanks to added weight momentum on the forward stroke, the Heavy Putter prevents that unwanted split-second hesitation before impact—a hitch in the stroke that’s better known as “the yips.”

New for 2008 is Boccieri’s Deep Face (“DF”) Series ($169), which features five models that boast a putterface one-quarter inch higher than conventional putters, making it easier to align the equator of the golf ball with the putter’s sweet spot. And more putts hit on the sweet spot mean more consistent accuracy and distance control. For more information, check out www.golftipsmag.com/ezlinks

new and notableLaser Links

Modern-day use of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) technology is proliferating in golf training aids, helping golfers better see their alignment, swing path, setup and more. We picked five laser-assisted devices that, we have to admit, not only can help lower your score, but are also a hoot to experiment with.

Laser Tee

The Laser Tee is a smart device to help perfect your address position by beaming a laser at the inside heel of the forward foot. Then, by using the attached measuring tool, golfers can practice their ball and setup positions with ease.

Eyeline Putting Laser Line

The Putting Laser Line is a neat device that simply affixes to the putter shaft and beams a straight line directly in front and behind the ball. It’s also adjustable, helping golfers either see a perfectly square setup or a red beam along the target line.

Redeye i330 Laser Putter

The innovative RedEye i330 features a single laser beam that emits from the center of the face for perfect alignment practice. However, the coolest part is the fact that the laser cartridge can be swapped out, resulting in a functional, USGA-allowed putter.

Argon Laser Putter

Using a three-laser system that illuminates the ball and both sides of it, the Argon Laser Putter is an ingenious device for developing proper alignment and fixing any lopsided putting strokes. Other features include an Argon Dome for enhanced practice.

The Smart Stick

Designed to teach the three P’s of the game (Plane, Power and Precision), the Smart Stick uses high-powered green lasers at opposite ends to get the job done. The lasers are so strong that this device can be used effectively outdoors. Other cool features include a Wrist Bar.


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