April 2007

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Mizuno Mp Fli Hi Hybrid Mizuno Muscle
Mizuno has always been known for manufacturing premium-quality forged irons and wedges, and soon, the company will be just as well known for combining its Grain Flow Forging process with game-enhancing designs. Exhibit one is the new MP FLI-HI irons that feature the aforementioned Grain Flow Forging for a soft feel and a Cut Muscle design for enhanced shotmaking. A Hollow Technology construction positions weight away from the face for a lowered CG and improved forgiveness. A sole design, featuring zero degrees of bounce and a large trailing edge, reduces turf drag. Available in 2-, 3- and 4-iron lofts (18, 21 and 24), the new MP FLI-HI irons are perfect replacements for long irons and utility woods ($155 steel; $180 graphite). www.mizunousa.com

Titleist Tour Validation
The new PT 906F2 fairway metal from Titleist is available in 13-, 15- and 18-degree lofts and like all Titleist clubs, has been validated by plenty of Tour usage. The unique Multi-Relief Sole design is aimed at minimizing turf resistance and promoting contact with the leading edge of the sole. Through research with Tour players, Titleist has found that this type of ground contact provides both improved trajectory and directional control. Other features of the PT 906F2 include Optimized Sole Weighting for reduced draw bias, Dynamic Face Closure for a more neutral ballflight and improved shotmaking, a larger face area and square setup, multimaterial construction, bore-thru design and Tour-like looks ($200 steel; $250 graphite). www.titleist.com

King Cobra Baffler A Baffler For Better Players?
Hybrids have swept through golf like a hurricane, sending many a long iron to the used-club barrel and making the game a lot more fun for recreational players and pros alike. The original King Cobra Baffler is credited by many as the forbearer of today’s amazingly popular utility clubs, and though the name might not be new, there’s a new Baffler now designed for better players. Called simply, Baffler Pro ($159-$179), the club promotes a neutral setup (not closed) and also features a neutral-weighting scheme for enhanced shotmaking. A swing-weight tuning screw allows for customization and accommodation of a variety of different shafts. The Baffler Pro is available with a Fujikura Speeder graphite shaft or True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft, helping golfers better match either their irons or fairway wood. Lofts include 16-, 18-, 20- and 23-degree models. www.cobragolf.com

Accra SE 70 Accra Performance
The SE 70 from Accra is built with both super-low torque and active tip technology to provide an outstanding combination of power and accuracy off the tee. Using an ultra-high modulus material, Accra engineers were able to create extreme strength and consistency in the SE 70 without making the shaft feel too “rigid” or overly harsh. The active tip section makes the SE 70 a great choice for advanced players who use a bore-thru driver, those who desire a slightly higher trajectory, or those who swing with a more fluid and slightly less aggressive motion. www.accragolf.com

Diamana Diamana Dynamics
Representing the third flex profile in a series designed to meet the performance needs of top players, the new Diamana White Board (in conjunction with the Diamana Red and Blue Board models) graphite shafts are designed to provide exceptional stability while maintaining the much-desired, low-spin launch characteristics. The design enables players to powerfully load the shaft while maintaining tip stability, this time without facing that harsh feeling often associated with stiff-tip shafts. Three weight sets are available (63g, 73 and 83g), and the 73g and 83g both feature stiffer-tip sections. www.mitsubishirayongolf.com  

Tour Edge Bazooka Wedge Edge
Ever notice how some of your wedges work better on different courses than others? That’s often because the club’s “bounce” is either too great or small for the course conditions (or, worse yet, for your swing). Well, the newest Tour Edge Bazooka JMAX Milled Face wedges hope to cure this problem. For one thing, they come in mid- and low-bounce versions (the mid-bounce model is perfect for softer conditions and players with a steep swing; the low-bounce model suits shallower swings and firm conditions). Another thing is the JMAX is made of 8620 carbon steel with a chromed-satin finish. Translation: a soft, buttery feel that’ll have you getting up and down from everywhere. Oh, yeah, it also comes in a variety of lofts from 52 to 60 degrees ($69-$79). www.touredge.com


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