We Tried It: Ping G25

The hottest new driver from Ping

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One swing with the 10.5-degree driver gave me the "you've got to be kidding" reaction that comes with solid performance. I knew the G25 would be good, but didn't expect it to be that good. There was no doubt the club's lower center of gravity—deep and back in the clubhead—helped quickly launch the three-piece golf ball clubface and straight down the range. The G25's TFC 189D shaft (regular flex) seemed to help increase swing speed, thanks in part to its length—45.75 inches—shorter than a lot of its competition by as much as one inch.

The G25's feel is solid and its sound is good, whether I was trying to draw the ball, hit it straight or hit a fade. It was easier to hit draws (and sometimes hooks) than fades, but that was more of a function of my swing than the clubhead. By the way, when adjusting for more loft, you actually close the face angle a bit. The opposite occurs when lowering the loft.

The 12-degree model was even easier to hit straight. Again, the ball came off the clubface quickly, but this time with a slightly higher trajectory, as expected with the additional loft. It was more difficult for me to draw the ball with the 12-degree model, but the club seemed more forgiving on off-center hits, particularly those off the toe. I lost some distance on toe hits, but the ball stayed straight in the air.

The combination of lightweight shaft and large, forgiving clubhead in the 12-degree G25 gave me greater confidence to let loose with a swing that I wouldn't attempt with the 10.5-degree model.

I used the PING wrench to subtract and then add one-half degree to the 12-degree model and saw modest changes in my ballflight tendencies. Mainly because more loft meant more backspin and the straighter my shots flew at any configuration.

The PING G25 driver is one of the better drivers of 2013. It's easy to hit and very forgiving for average players looking for extra distance and even a little extra ball speed. The 12-degree model, in particular, is a solid performer for average players. You don't have to swing hard or manipulate your swing to get the result you want off the tee.

Lofts: 8, 9.5, 10.5, 12-degrees
Shaft/Grip: TFC 189D, 45.75 inches; PING 360ID8
Favorite Setting: Neutral
Options: Available in TFC 189D and softer TFC 80D shafts in five different weights. A variety of custom fitting options also are available.
Price: $385 MSRP
More Information: ping.com


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