We Tried It: Callaway XHot Driver

Callaway's Pro Long Driver Edition

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The Pro LD is just the driver for those of you who want to swing hard. Really hard. It's also important to recognize that although this driver is designed for golfers who want maximum distance, it's not a driver for golfers who actually need more distance. You have to be able to swing fast to be able to take advantage of what this driver can do. The adjustable hosel didn't seem all that necessary to me, but it's probably useful for actual LDA competitors who need to adjust loft/face angle for varying wind conditions. Solid shots had a penetrating trajectory that soared a long way and rolled out more than I'm used to. Also, the nVentix NUNCHUK shaft, which isn't technically a long drive shaft, performed exceptionally well. Its heavier, uniflex design made it easier for me to feel the driver better as I loaded up and coiled on the backswing. Had it been too light, I might have had a harder time knowing my limits with my swing.

Does the driver deliver? It certainly does, making it one of the best long drive drivers I've ever tried (and, yes, I've hit a whole bunch of them). For a longer hitter, it's not a bad option for regular golf-playing as well, since it has more forgiveness than most long drive drivers have. If you have a swing speed below 105 mph, you may want to stick with the regular Callaway XHot driver. But, if you're already long and want to be insanely long, don't overlook the monstrous XHot Pro LD.

More Information on the Callaway XHot Pro LD, visit longdrivers.com.


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