Showcase: Square Dancing

Callaway FT-iCallaway FT-i
Callaway’s foray into the square dimension is equally impressive. Featuring Callaway’s patented composite crown and titanium cup-face technology, the FT-i’s square clubhead is designed so weight can be moved as far back and to the sides as possible, thus skyrocketing the clubhead’s resistance to twisting on off-center hits. Also, the optimized center of gravity lends high-launch, low-spin flight characteristics off a greater percentage of the clubface surface area. Third, the FT-i also includes Callaway’s OptiFit Weighting System, enabling golfers to choose from Draw, Neutral or Fade models. By the way, a more maneuverable FT-i Tour version is also available. For more, visit

Price: $649
Size: 460 cc
Construction: Carbon body/Titanium cup face
Lofts: 9˚, 10˚, 11˚, 13˚HT, Draw or Neutral
Shaft: Fujikura Speeder 586 (multiple flexes available)

Lingo Check
Moment of Inertia, or “MOI,” refers to a clubhead’s resistance to rotation (or twisting) by placing weight as far from the center of gravity as possible. A numerical value is derived by using a mechanism that, by way of a complex formula, measures weights, widths, movements and force. The higher the numeric value, the greater the MOI. The higher the MOI, the less likely the clubhead will twist open or closed on an off-center strike.


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