Showcase: Square Dancing

Nike SUMOJust when you thought you’d seen everything! Two different golf equipment companies have created two similar, yet different drivers that feature a radical new approach to the most popular golf club in the bag. Of course, it’s not the first time we’ve witnessed a makeover for the big stick. In the last 50 years, we’ve seen the transformation from 180cc to 460cc clubheads, persimmon to steel, steel to titanium and most recently, titanium to mixed-carbon materials. New for 2007, the Nike SUMO2 and the Callaway FT-i feature a radical, square approach to a game dominated by round shapes. Check out these two new bombers: They’re doing to MOI what 460cc’s did to COR a few years ago.

Nike SasQuatch SUMO2
No, SUMO2 wasn’t named for a large Japanese wrestler, but rather for its most beneficial feature: a very high Super Moment of Inertia. How does it produce it? The club’s brick shape. That unique design enables a tremendous amount of weight to be displaced away from the face. Plus, the rear weighting is achieved via the SQ PowerBow, and the SUMO2’s square construction enhances the heel-toe weighting, thus generating a stable head that encourages a high launch, nominal spin and an extraordinary resistance to twisting on off-center hits. Made of titanium with a beta-titanium face and a carbon-composite crown, the SUMO2 comes with a specially crafted SasQuatch/Diamana shaft. Visit

Price: $479
Size: 460 cc
Construction: Carbon crown/Titanium body
Lofts: 8.5˚, 9.5˚, 10.5˚, 13˚
Shaft: Nike Sasquatch/Diamana Graphite (multiple flexes available)


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