2014 Buyer's Guide Drivers

Find the right driver for your game

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By Zach Allen, PGA

Notice anything unusual about my shoulders? Yep, my right shoulder naturally rests a little below my left! Call it the product of 25 years of competitive golf. I've actually developed some shoulder tilt that helps me hit longer tee shots.

What does that mean? Simple. Long hitters know that the secret to power is to hit high up on the golf ball with added loft and reduced spin. Now, you may not have the kind of shoulders I do (I have a chiropractor appointment this afternoon), but at the very least, you can stretch and loosen your abductors to make it easer to have some spine tilt in your swing. The stretch is simple. Hold the club above and away from you, and tilt to your right side. Do this as far as you can, and hold, release and repeat.

Hitting longer drives leads to shorter approaches, which then leads to better chances at holing shorter birdie putts.

Well, that's our opinion. There are some of you out there who want a driver that allows for some more shotshaping off the tee, too. So, we've arranged our drivers this year based on three categories: Tour-Ready, the drivers that best combine performance and maneuverability; Game-Improvement, the drivers that can help you dial in the best power/control formula for your game; and Power, for all-out distance.

Read on and find the right driver for your game. Remember, don't forget to get fit, especially with regard to the shaft. It will have a huge impact on how well your driver performs.


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