2013 Buyer's Guide Drivers

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AMP Cell
Key Feature: Its loft can be adjusted to six different settings, while the sole's SmartPad is a stationary bulge that's shaped to square the face at address, regardless of the loft setting. Comes in four colors, too.
Who It's For: Golfers who want Rickie Fowler-like swagger to go with their long-hitting tee shots.
Wow Factor: Blue, orange, red or silver. We like 'em all. In fact, we hope the color trend continues.
Specs: One clubhead for up to six lofts (8.5°/9.5°/9.5° Draw, 10.5°/10.5° Draw, 11.5°) with a Fujikura Fuel graphite shaft.
cobragolf.com | $375/$325 offset version
AMP Cell Pro
Key Feature: Has a slightly smaller head than the non-Pro version, and a shaft that's a half-inch shorter. Like its sister club, its loft can be tweaked six ways, and the SmartPad sole keeps the face square at address.
Who It's For: Better players who want forgiveness, distance and adjustability to coincide with tee-ball shotmaking.
Wow Factor: Comes in stylish white or bold orange. We only wish it came in blue and red, too!
Specs: One clubhead for up to six lofts (7.5°/8.5°/8.5°
Fade, 9.5°/9.5° Fade, 10.5°) with an MRC Kuro Kage graphite shaft.
cobragolf.com | $399
Fourteen Golf
Key Feature: The four-piece composite titanium clubhead includes a crown that's chemically milled thin, along with a multilayered cupface. The proprietary graphite shaft is 47 inches long; however, it's designed with extra stability to offset the added length and clubhead speed.
Who It's For: Golfers who want serious craftsmanship.
Wow Factor: Big price, but it delivers big drives.
Specs: Two lofts (9°, 10.5°), with a proprietary CS-001d graphite shaft.
fourteengolf.com | $799

Key Feature: Designed for long drive competitors (and used by reigning world champ Ryan Winther), the Rage driver is built for pure power and stability. The deep Tri-Forged Hyper Beta Ti face is lighter and faster for LDA-like distance.
Who It's For: Truthfully, it's a long driver's club, but with so many lofts and configurations, it's actually playable for anyone, regardless of skill level. Comes in white or black.
Wow Factor: We were blown away at how forgiving it is!
Specs: Seven lofts (4°, 5°, 6°, 7.5°, 9°, 10.5°, 12°) in three different Aldila shafts, in human and superhuman flexes.
krankgolf.com | $299
Key Feature: A square face angle, deep titanium clubhead and thin crown create a low CG to help the ball launch high and spin less. Its variable CORTECH face thickness aims to boost ball speed for longer, more consistent drives.
Who It's For: Golfers who appreciate Mizuno's commitment to quality clubmaking, and who want a seriously straight-hitting driver.
Wow Factor: Among the most stable drivers we've tried.
Specs: Two lofts (9.5°, 10.5°) with a Fujikura Orochi Blue Eye 55 shaft.TS-70d shaft.
mizunousa.com | $299
VR_S Covert
Key Feature: Adjustable loft and face angle provides 15 combinations in one clubhead. "High Speed Cavity Back" technology borrowed from the company irons aims to add distance and control. Variable face thickness raises the sweet spot to high in the center, right where we like it.
Who It's For: Everyone, however better players will like the Tour version that's smaller and has a fixed weight screw.
Wow Factor: A cavity-back driver? That's pretty sweet.
Specs: One clubhead for five lofts (8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5°, 12.5°) with an MRC Kuro Kage graphite shaft.
nikegolf.com | $299-$399

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