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This year's crop of new drivers is longer and lighter then ever

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By John Stahlschmidt

Roughly 85 percent of all amateurs slice their driver, but very few Tour players do (or if they do, they do it on purpose). Why? Simple. Pros swing the club on a flatter plane and square the clubface at impact.

Slicing can happen for two reasons: a steep downswing that leads to an outside-in swing and/or an open face at impact.

To fight the slice, try rehearsing your swing on a flatter-than-normal swing plane by hovering the clubhead about a foot off the ground and making swings like you see here.

This creates more arm rotation through the impact zone and generates more clubface rotation, as well. Do this enough, and the face will square at impact and allow for a straighter drive.

THE YEAR'S CROP OF NEW DRIVERS are longer and lighter than ever! Thanks to a handful of new design iterations that reduce weight and add length to the shaft, today's top drivers are extremely powerful and forgiving. And in our opinion, 2012 is the year of pure driver style. Seems as though most companies have adopted the classic shape again, only this time in a variety of colors and variations sure to please just about any type of player. If it's hot and it's new, we have it right here in our listings of our favorite drivers for 2012.

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Golf Tips Legend

Speedline Fast 12
Key Feature: Made to be as aerodynamic as possible, the Fast 12's airfoil design elements cut air drag by up to 14%, making it whizz through the air faster than ever. And faster clubs mean longer drives. It's simple science, folks!
Who It's For: Golfers who want to take advantage of smooth aerodynamics and who really just want a driver that is extremely long and exceptionally forgiving. There's no fuss here with adjustability. Just big hits!
Specs: Three lofts (8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°) with Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue graphite shafts. Draw model also available. (LH avail.)
adamsgolf.com | $299
Speedline Fast 12 LS
Key Feature: Super slick aerodynamics help it reduce drag (you can­ see a stepped design on the crown) for a faster swing speed. But, check this out. The club's length can be adjusted from 45 to 45.5 inches. Cool huh? It can also be face/lie/loft adjusted as well, making it a real club tinkerer's dream driver. It's super long and fast, too.
Who It's For: Speed freaks who want a driver that packs a lot of horsepower that also has loads of adjustability.
Specs: Comes in three lofts (8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°) with a variety of graphite shaft options. (LH available)
adamsgolf.com | $399
Bobby Jones
Workshop Ed.
Key Feature: The innovative triangular-shaped driver isn't new, but we like it too much to leave it behind. It's stable, long and super easy to swing. Perhaps the 47 inches has something to do with that, not to mention the fact that one of the games most innovative designers, Jesse Ortiz, created it.
Who It's For: Golfers who want real power from a pretty-looking driver.
Specs: Comes in 9° or 10.5° lofts with a Graphite Design graphite shaft.
bobbyjonesgolf.com | $249


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