2011 Buyer's Guide Drivers

Absence of weight is the next big trend in drivers. Is it right for you?

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Wilson Staff
Distance DrivenKey Feature: Using tungsten rubber inserts and internal weighting, each clubhead is weighted specifically for a different type of loft. Low-lofted models have higher CGs for penetrating trajectories; higher lofts are weighted for higher shots.
What We Like: The DXi has some great looks, not to mention they’re quite long off the tee. The lower lofts really produce a boring trajectory that longer-hitters will fall in love with.
Who It’s For: Depending on the right loft, this is a driver for any type of golfer.
Specs: Available in four lofts, 8°, 9°, 10.5°, 12°, with Aldila VooDoo graphite shafts. L-hand avail.
wilsonstaff.com | $299

Adjust Or Not?

This year, driver adjustability is still a hot topic, with many models offering new ways to adjust a driver’s weight, face angle and, for some, even the way it sits on the ground. There are still some models, however, that don’t have these types of adjustable characteristics. Instead, they have static designs that are limited to adjustments in the shafts and grips (although not on the fly).

Question is, do you really need a driver you can adjust? Isn’t it better to find one set of driver specifications and stick with it? The answer unfortunately is a politically correct one. It depends.
Some golfers have already taken advantage of adjustable tech, claiming it helps them adjust to different playing conditions, swing habits and so forth. Other players, well, they tend to favor a driver that they know will perform a certain way. The real question is which type of golfer are you?


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