2011 Buyer's Guide Drivers

Absence of weight is the next big trend in drivers. Is it right for you?

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Distance DrivenKey Feature: Ten-percent of this driver’s mass is in the heel, making it easier to square the
clubface through the hitting zone. It also has a sky-high MOI for mega-forgiveness.
What We Like: This is the kind of driver average golfers should have. It’s easy to hit, prevents slices and is long and far off the tee. What else could you want? By the way, Bubba Watson uses it. “You’re welcome.”
Who It’s For: See the above.
Specs: Comes in three lofts, 9.5°, 10.5° and 12°, with PING TFC 149D graphite shafts, in every flex. Also available in L-hand.
ping.com | $299
Air Force One
Distance DrivenKey Feature: A nitrogen-pressurized clubhead to provide weightless support of the clubface, which measures only 2.6mm thick.
What We Like: The nitrogen, of course. It enabled the folks at PowerBilt to make a thinner clubface for improved distance and accuracy. The Tour model is pretty cool, if we may say so.
Who It’s For: Golfers looking for a driver with some serious pop. Also, fans of classic PowerBilt gear will be happy to see the brand is back, and in full force (pun intended).
Specs: Comes in four lofts, 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° and 12°, with Fujikura graphite shafts (all flexes).
powerbilt.com | $249-$299
Royal Collection
Unsung HeroKey Feature: This driver is designed specifically for a high-launch/low-spin ballflight. The Driving Cavity (look familiar?) helps position the CG right behind the golf ball for maximum energy transfer into the golf ball.
What We Like: Royal Collection’s attention to detail when it comes to design. Clean lines and curves that are easy on the eyes.
Who It’s For: Average golfers who want a longer carry and some rollout when the ball lands on the ground.
Specs: Comes in two lofts, 9.5° and 10.5°, with custom graphite shaft options.
royalcollectionusa.com | $440

Editors' PickKey Feature: Its adjustable lie and face angle affords users the chance to create 12 different settings from 2.5° open to 2.5° closed. Four weight plugs of varying mass change the club’s internal weighting.
What We Like: Traditional looking at address, but hardly “old-school” technology. It just screams “solid.”
Who It’s For: Better players who aren’t afraid to tinker with weight and face angle.
Specs: Comes in two different Miyazaki Dromo shaft flexes and two lofts (9°, 10.5°). Measures 45.5 inches. Clubhead is 460cc.
srixon.com | $399
Burner 2.0
Distance DrivenKey Feature: Guess. We’re kidding, there’s actually a lot of tech under that spiffy white paint job. Stuff like Inverted Cone Technology, a longer shaft and 279g overall weight, making it the lightest, faster driver yet from TaylorMade.
What We Like: The new shape really stands out in white, and both come together with a black face to make this club a cinch to align. The TP version is ideal for better golfers.
Who It’s For: Golfers who not only want to make a statement, but also want big distance.
Specs: Comes in three lofts, 9.5°, 10.5°, HT, with Matrix X-Con 4.8 graphite shafts. L-hand avail.
taylormadegolf.com | $299
Editors' PickKey Feature: By now, you know it’s got a white color, but that’s not the key feature in our books. The new Adjustable Sole Plate, Flight Control Tech and Movable Weight Tech combine to allow for weight and lie-angle adjustments in a way that we’ve never seen before. Oh, and by the way, it’s white!
What We Like: The new Adjustable Sole Plate changes up how the club rests on the ground, making it easier to hit the types of shots you want to hit. Smart. No wait, very smart. And easy to use!
Who It’s For: All players who want max adjustability.
Specs: Comes in two lofts, 9° and 10.5°, with Fujikura Blur 60 shafts. L-hand available.
taylormadegolf.com | $399


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