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Absence of weight is the next big trend in drivers. Is it right for you?

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The next big thing in driver tech is the absence of weight. will it work for you?

If you think about it, we’ve seen some extraordinary advances in driver technology in the last few years. And no, we aren’t talking the transitions we’ve made from wood to metal, or even metal to carbon. Instead, we’re talking about driver customization, the advancements of shaft integration and so on. This year? We’re seeing a new leaf being turned over, this time with regards to how much a driver weighs. They’re getting lighter and easier to swing, meaning you can swing them faster with less effort. Cool huh? We’ve been lucky to try almost every driver in this category, and it’s safe to say, 2011 has some of the best we’ve ever seen.

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s = steel g = graphite

XF Leggera
Great Buy!Key Feature: The XF Leggera is a lightweight driver head designed specifically for a lightweight shaft, resulting in a driver that’s quick to swing and produces longer tee shots.
What We Like: What a great price. Furthermore, the overall shaping is a step in the right direction for Acer. And in case you’re wondering, yes, the crown section is white. Shhhh...
Who It’s For: Mid- to high-handicappers who need help getting the ball airborne.
Specs: Comes in three lofts, 9°, 10.5°, 12°, with a variety of custom shaft/flex options. L-hand available in 10.5°.
acergolf.com | $64 (clubhead only)
Distance DrivenKey Feature: The new Velocity Slot, located on the heel of the driver, improves the club’s aerodynamics for a faster, less turbulent ride.
What We Like: Adams says this driver will add up to 12 yards, thanks to its sleek aerodynamics. But really, that’s not a game-changer for us. We happen to like this club based on its awesome looks, feel and tremendous forgiveness.
Who It’s For: Golfers who want more clubhead speed with their driver.
Specs: Comes in four lofts, 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° and 12° with Aldila VooDoo or Matrix Xcon graphite shaft (all flexes). Draw models available.
adamsgolf.com | $299
Speedline 4G UltraLite
Distance DrivenKey Feature: This driver’s total weight is a mere 282g, meaning it’s both lightweight and aerodynamic—a deadly long combination.
What We Like: Looks easy on the eyes, and it has all the power and forgiveness you’d come to expect from the popular Speedline series. Faster swingers might prefer a heavier feel since you may be inclined to overswing. (It’s that light!)
Who It’s For: Folks who want a lightweight driver that’s by no means a feather. This driver
is long and fun to use.
Specs: Comes in two lofts, 10° and 12°, with Mitsubishi Bassara graphite shafts (R flex).
adamsgolf.com | $299


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