2010 Buyer's Guide Drivers

This year's drivers are like the classics, but with modern engines

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Tour Edge Bazooka HT Max
Key Feature: Four internal weight cavities in the rear of its sole that offer a high MOI. They lower the CG to produce longer, more accurate drives.
What We Like: You mean, aside from the fact that it’s affordable, has a lifetime warranty and a 30-day play guarantee? Well, how about it’s really easy to hit.
Who It’s For: Weekend warriors who like the game to be as easy and affordable as possible.
Specs: Features a 460cc titanium clubhead and comes in a variety of lofts for both men and women.
touredge.com | $149
Tour Edge Exotics XCG-3
Key Feature: Its three-metal head. Look for an aerospace titanium body, tungsten sole weights (weighing a stout 28 grams) and a light but very strong carbon crown.
What We Like: There’s a lot of engineering that’s going on here. And it’s hidden. We like that.
Who It’s For: Anyone; but better golfers will probably benefit the most.
Specs: Available in three lofts, 9°, 10.5° and 12°. Measures 45 inches and comes with a stock Fujikura Motore Red shaft (L, A, R, S, X).
exoticsgolf.com | $349

Wilson Smooth
Key Feature: Its progressive internal weight distribution, which makes each model suited for players of different skill levels.
What We Like: Its traditional looks. Wilson says it was inspired by “sleek... auto designs.” Also its variable face thickness helps spread forgiveness across the entire clubface.
Who It’s For: Hacks and sticks.
Specs: Three loft options (9°, 10.5°, 12°); LH 10.5° only. Features a Fujikura E-Fit shaft in four different flexes. The entire clubhead is titanium.
wilsonstaff.com | $449

Yonex Nano V Nextage
Key Feature: A power isometric face in both models that allows for variable clubface thickness for increased repulsion on off-center hits.
What We Like: There are two options, the 430 with an open face, and the 460 with a draw bias. Japanese phenom Ryo Ishikawa uses the 430 version.
Who It’s For: Golfers willing to pay a premium price for a premium product.
Specs: Both the 430cc and 460cc models come in 9° and 10° lofts, and come fitted with a Rexis Tour shaft in a variety of weights and flexes.
yonexusa.com | $899

What A Drag

After a number of years that saw a variety of nontraditional driver shapes designed to increase MOI (and reduce twisting at impact), the industry has returned to a more conservative body design. But that doesn’t mean what’s “under the hood” isn’t technologically advanced.

This year, the narrative, if you will, among drivers is aerodynamics— specifically the amount of drag larger 460cc clubheads generate in the downswing. The thought goes, the larger the club, the more the drag; the slower your swing, the shorter your drives. Got it?

Consider Adams’ Speedline 9032LS that has two heel scoops to encourage better air flow. Or Nike’s SQ MACHSPEED STR8-FIT, which not only has the longest name of any driver ever made, but utilizes a PowerBow design and sole diffuser to reduce drag and increase clubhead speed. (Okay, so that one looks funny. Justin Leonard actually laughed when he saw it.)

Do these drag-reducing clubs actually make you hit it farther? You’ll have to judge for yourself. Hey, it’s worth a shot.

—Charlie Schroeder


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