2010 Buyer's Guide Drivers

This year's drivers are like the classics, but with modern engines

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Taylormade Burner SuperFast
Key Feature: Compared to the 2007 Burner, the SuperFast weighs 14 grams less (a ridiculously light 284 grams).
What We Like: Its clubface is 14 percent larger than the Burner ‘09 (and the company’s largest). That makes it more forgiving. And who doesn’t like that?
Who It’s For: Anyone looking to nuke it. It measures 46.5 inches, which automatically makes it the weapon of choice among bombers.
Specs: Comes with a stock Matrix Ozik Ex-Con 4.8 shaft (five flexes available), and three lofts (9.5°, 10.5° and 13°).
taylormadegolf.com | $299
Taylormade R9 460
Key Feature: The same Flight Control Technology that made the original R9 such a success.
What We Like: It added an additional 40cc to its clubhead, making it a 460cc clubhead, which is a giant increase from the R9’s original size.
Who It’s For: As with any adjustable golf club, the target market is players who like to tweak their games. In this case, it’s all about shot shape. If that’s you (and you like 460cc clubheads), you just found your club.
Specs: Four lofts, five flexes.
taylormadegolf.com | $299
Tiger Shark Power Pod II
Key Feature: Designed by Jim Flood, this second- generation offering features a SP-700 Titanium design with a patent-pending shape. Tiger Shark claims it’s the world’s first true oversized slice-proof driver. How? It moves weight to the heel.
What We Like: Uh, hello? It’s slice-proof! You heard us, S-L-I-C-E-P-R-O-O-F.
Who It’s For: That should be obvious.
Specs: Available in three lofts, 9°, 10.5° and 12°, in right-hand only. Has a 454cc clubhead and is based on the original Power Pod designs.
tigersharkgolf.com | $299

Titleist 909DComp
Key Feature: A low-density composite crown that positions the CG low and provides a high-launch ballflight without increased spin.
What We Like: Its full pear profile looks great. It has the largest profile and deepest and lowest CG in the series.
Who It’s For: Higher- handicappers who like the high-launch/low-spin combo.
Specs: 460cc clubhead. Comes in four lofts (8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5°) and either the Titleist Matrix Ozik XCon-5 or XCon-6 stock shaft
titleist.com | $549
Titleist 909D2
Key Feature: Its midface depth helps produce a midlaunch ballflight with minimal spin.
What We Like: The pear- shaped clubhead keeps the club stable on mis-hits, and its milled-face insert maximizes ball speed. All 909 drivers provide exceptional auditory feedback.
Who It’s For: Better players who prefer midlaunch, low-spin performance.
Specs: Comes in four lofts (8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5°). Its stock shaft is either the Titleist Aldila VooDoo or Titleist Diamana Blue 65.
titleist.com | $499
Titleist 909D3
Key Feature: A forward CG that helps produce midlaunch, low-spin drives.
What We Like: Unlike Titleist’s other two 909 offerings, the 909D3 features a 440cc clubhead. Also, its “blind bore” hosel saves internal weight and helps position its center of gravity.
Who It’s For: Players who like to shape their drives; fans of smaller clubheads and lower launch angles.
Specs: Comes in three lofts (8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°). Its stock shaft is either the Titleist Aldila VooDoo or Titleist Diamana Blue 65.
titleist.com | $499


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